A video of a 1-year-old boy lifting a 15-pound ball has gone viral on TikTok

TrueRebel88, also known as @truerebel88 on TikTok, posted a video of his 1-year-old performing an amazing feat that stunned the internet. The youngster was able to raise a 15-pound ball. That was an incredible act.

1-year-old boy picking up a 15-lb medicine ball. | Source: tiktok.com/truerebel88

The 1-year-old eventually managed to lift the ball twice, demonstrating that he had summoned all of his power. The following was known from a description. 

The baby in the video moved up to the ball in a manner that appears to be a playpen, intent on picking it up and succeeding. But, instead, he knelt, grabbed the ball, and began pushing himself up while making noises similar to those made by someone adult when they work out.

He was determined to pick up this 15lbs medicine ball and so he did!
byu/FearmyBeard21 innextfuckinglevel

Adults can be heard in the background laughing and muttering in wonder. The incident made them completely amazed. But, of course, they aren’t the only ones surprised, as now the viral post has received over 6 million likes.


Super-strong 1-year-old picks up 15lb ball and stuns the internet | indy100People in the comments section were not only surprised but thought the video amusing. Some individuals enjoyed the clip that is clear from their comments. When the tiny boy began lifting, it was a running joke that he had better form or posture than many adults while exercising. 

Others were less amused, suggesting that the 1-year-old was risking his life by picking up such a big thing. That’s why some people expressed anxiety in the comment box, blaming his guardians. As time went by and the post garnered about 80,000 comments, the comments continued to pile up. 

This was really an act of bravery for the amazing 1-year-old boy as he succeeded in doing whatever he determined. This was beyond his capability. The boy must deserve appreciation. It was also an act of admiration and concern! As well as.

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