Waffle House employee holding a baby in the kitchen while working was ridiculed on TikTok

A Waffle House employee holding a baby in the kitchen while working was ridiculed on TikTok, after a clip shared to the platform racked up over 4 million views and thousands of comments.

The footage showed the woman working while the baby rested on her hip. The TikToker captioned the clip, “Ain’t know why she got her baby in here smh” – without them knowing the full context.

The Waffle House worker, Tiffany (@tiffanyclark842), has since come forward to explain that there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Tiffany revealed that the baby was her 4-month-old niece – the daughter of her brother who had died.

Tiffany told TMZ that before she was due to work the night shift at South Carolina Waffle House, her grandma asked her to take the baby immediately because the child’s mother was about to be hospitalised for mental illness. Tiffany still had an hour left on her shift when they brought the baby to her, so she made it work.

Tiffany told the news outlet that she was never cooking with the baby, she was marking plates for servers.

If Tiffany hadn’t have taken her niece, she could have been taken away by social services. She intends to become her niece’s legal guardian while her mother gets medical help.

She explained that her “big boss” didn’t know about the incident until the TikTok went viral. Subsequently, Tiffany got suspended for a week and hasn’t heard from Waffle House since Monday – but expects to have her job still.

Once the context circulated online, TikTokers flocked to the video to show support for the Waffle House worker.

“Hella respect for her. You never know somebody’s situation – I’d love to meet her in person”, one commented.

While another highlighted, “The only thing wrong about this is the person who posted it, shaming a mother. I see a strong queen!”

Waffle House said they do not disclose private matters.


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