A Woman and Her Friend Vowed to Sue Waterpark Over Physical Injuries

Two friends experienced a disastrous turn of events after creeping into a waterpark in a drunken state at 2 am. They’re now battling physical injuries and emotional trauma and have vowed to sue the waterpark. 

Who doesn’t like to have fun with friends? But sometimes, moments of joy can come at a high cost and have serious repercussions. Claire Vickers and Barry Douglas had no idea their playful evening could lead to a total disaster.

46-year-old Vickers and 44-year-old Douglas ended up breaking their legs while taking a water slide after sneaking into a waterpark late at night. The two friends were drunk and said they were trapped in the flume for almost two hours.

After sustaining serious injuries, the friends have threatened to take legal action against the waterpark. Talking about the horrible accident, Vickers expressed her thoughts:

“That night I didn’t plan on going out to do this, it just happened – and it has happened before to other people, so I just think something should be done about (sic).”

Vickers and Douglas revealed that they were speeding down the slide when they hit a barrier placed at the end to block the exit. The drunk friends were found by the cops in response to complaints regarding children messing about in the park.

The two buddies are temporarily in wheelchairs, with Vickers having a snapped right shin and several broken bones in her left foot. Douglas broke both his ankles and left foot and shared that the excruciating pain he experienced was unbearable.

The mother of five has revealed that she will not be able to walk again for at least another six weeks.

Vickers also expressed that she felt fortunate to wake up with her foot after being operated on multiple times, given the horror she underwent at the park.

The pair explained that they deserved to be compensated after suffering snapped shins and broken feet. Douglas even expressed his concerns regarding no fence being installed at the slide and no security around. “This Morning” host Phillip Schofield argued:

“It’s tricky as you shouldn’t have been there in the first place – you haven’t been prosecuted, which you’re lucky about…(sic)”

In response, Vickers retorted that anybody could get drunk and end up making silly mistakes, and that was precisely what had come to pass in their case. The pair shared that the lack of security at the waterpark when it was closed was what led to the incident.

Prior to going together to the waterpark, Vickers had been in a pub for four hours, following which she met Douglas at his house, and the pair downed more drinks. The buddies then decided to have fun on the waterslide and were massively wrecked.

The friends further expressed that their lives have come to a halt because of the accident. Former bartender Vickers explained that she was an active grandmother to her grandkids before and would often take them for walks, which she cannot do anymore.

Forklift driver Douglas said that he now suffers from acute depression and has no strength to work, leaving him miserable and out of money. The mother of five has revealed that she will not be able to walk again for at least another six weeks.

Many people have shared their opinions on the matter, especially on Twitter, using the hashtag #ThisMorning. One person shared: “Maybe so, but it was still their fault for b&e and trespassing. I have no sympathy for them (sic).”

Another user commented: “Minimal sympathy for this pair on #ThisMorning.You broke in to a closed water park and let yourself in to an attraction. Now you’re saying that the park should have locked the slides? They locked the gates, and you broke in. Ridiculous (sic).”

Even though they were immediately rushed to the hospital, given necessary treatment, and have faced no action from the police, Vickers and Douglas shared that they continue to suffer from the after-effects and require at least two years for a full recovery.


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