A Woman Caused Panic by Calling in Bomb Threat to Spend More Time with Her Boyfriend

Police and employees were up in arms when threats of the most horrid and petrifying kind caused a flurry of panic. What happened next was deeply unsettling. 

Love and infatuation are mysterious monsters. They can lead us to act erratically and out of character, doing things we never thought we could or would possibly do.

This is the path that 33-year-old Kayla Marie Blake took. Authorities have said that Blake recently relocated Ohio to Etna, Maine. No one could have foreseen what she was purportedly about to do after moving to this Californian city.

As police have reported, the man who the 33-year-old claims to be her boyfriend works at Puritan Medical Products in Somerset County. Local authorities say this plant is used for the manufacturing of medical swabs.

According to Blake, it is reported, these swabs are also used for testing for COVID-19. Puritan Medical Products is responsible for hundreds of employees in the surrounding area as well.

These workers had to leave the buildings of both plants in the area after the bomb scare. The evacuation lasted a total of 24 hours but turned out to be a hoax.

The two were said to have met via a dating application a week before the alleged bomb calls. 

Maine police alleged that this was due to two calls they received at their station. They claimed that the first came through at 9 in the morning with a female threatening to bomb the medical center.

The second call, they alleged, occurred not so long after. She purportedly then told the authorities that she had intentions of planting pipe bombs in the area.

Blake, who authorities claim to be the caller, was asked why she made these false statements. The suspect allegedly claimed she did so because she wanted to spend extra time with her boyfriend.

This suspect and her apparent boyfriend were said to have met via a dating application only a week before the alleged bomb calls. Blake has been charged with terrorizing.

Her bail landed at $1,500. What is going on in the mind of the man she claims to be her other half is up to anyone’s guess.

Luckily, no actual explosives went off, but if the case around Blake proves anything, our affections for others can influence us in many mysterious ways. Another woman moved all the way from France to Florida to marry the love of her life. He also happened to be on death row.

The 39-year old’s husband-to-be Wade was, per the Union Correctional Institution in Florida, convicted of robbery, kidnapping, and two first-degree murders. The couple got married in prison in 2016.

What are your thoughts on these women’s decisions? Do you think there’s more to these situations, do you approve, or are you entirely against both or one of them?


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