A Woman Claims She Had A ‘Affair’ With a Chimpanzee At The Zoo

After zookeepers uncovered a problematic relationship between a Belgian woman and a chimpanzee, she was supposedly barred from attending an Antwerp zoo. Officials believe her attachment to the animal is unhealthy and could impede its socialization with other chimps.

According to reports, the woman visited Chita (chimpanzee name) at least every week for the previous four years. The chimp would disregard the other chimps every time she came by, giving her whole attention.

However, the woman and Chita always found a way around the animal’s constraints, blowing kisses and gesturing at each other throughout the visit, even though they were always separated by the bars of the animal’s confines.

A chimpanzee sitting in its habitat. | Photo: Pexels

Unfortunately, such behavior has resulted in the 38-year-old chimp being shunned by the other chimps. According to zoo employees, Chita was ignored by the other chimps because he allowed himself to be continuously surrounded by humans.

Their separation lasted even after visiting hours, leaving the chimp alone all the time. Chita spends around 15 hours isolated each day outside of human visitation hours, according to zookeeper Sarah Lafaut. Its peers less regard an animal that is too concentrated on people, ” she explained. So we want Chita to be a chimp as much as possible.

Photo of a distraught red-haired woman | Photo: youtube.com / Daily Blast LIVE

Despite the zoo’s attempts to teach Chita how to be a Chimpanzee over the last three decades, he never overcame his human nature to his detriment. Chita’s human exposure has ultimately hampered his reintegration into the chimp colony, resulting in a social deficit. Furthermore, investigations have demonstrated that such impairments can persist for decades, if not a lifetime.

Regardless of what everyone else felt, Timmermans was certain that what she and Chita had shared was genuine. She acknowledged to news outlets that she adored the chimp and that he adored her in return.

She also sees her affair with the animal as the only thing she has, and she questions why the zookeepers want to take it away from her. The Belgian woman felt humiliated and ostracised because of every other zoo visitor, but she was permitted to view Chita.

In contrast to Timmermans’ assertions that the zoo stopped her from visiting her favorite chimpanzee, Antwerp Zoo stated they just asked her to adjust her attitude. Consequently, they rejected imposing any ban on her.


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