A Woman Declared Clinically Dead Miraculously Wakes up After 45 Minutes

The Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore witnessed a two-fold miracle after a woman arose from the dead just as her granddaughter battled for life a few rooms away.

A woman declared clinically dead by specialists at the Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore gave everyone a shocker when she breathed again 45 minutes later. The woman, Kathy Patten, describes the encounter as her medical miracle and wants the world to know about it.

Her story began on July 2, when the grandmother received a call informing her that her daughter, Stacey Fifer, was set to welcome her eighth grandchild.

Grandmother who came back to life after pronounced clinically dead holding her grandchild. | Photo: youtube.com/WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

She rushed to the clinic, where she learned her daughter was having a difficult labor, as the baby was stuck in the birth canal. Fifer spent up to 39 hours in labor before the doctors finally opted to perform an emergency C-section.

However, before the birth was completed, Patten had a cardiac arrest while waiting at the hospital. Doctors sprung into action immediately in an attempt to revive the grandmother, admitting her a few rooms away from her daughter.

Before long, the woman succumbed to the heart attack. In the absence of heart rate or pulse, she was declared clinically dead, unable to breathe or supply oxygen to her lungs.

A doctor holding a chart. | Source: Pixabay

A doctor holding a chart. | Source: Pixabay

However, the medical personnel was relentless, performing intense CPR on her. Forty-five minutes after her heart stopped, Patten breathed again, stunning all the experts present.

More alarming was that the woman suffered no brain damage despite seemingly being oxygen-deprived for almost an hour. For Patten, her miracle could only be the work of God. She divulged:

“I’m so grateful God gave me a second chance. I’m just going to be the best person I can be. It’s very scary. Coming back is a second chance of life.”

Doctor putting on gloves | Source: Pexels

Doctor putting on gloves | Source: Pexels

At that same moment, Patten’s daughter also experienced the life-changing miracle of childbirth, welcoming her daughter, Alora, after a successful surgery. Both mother and baby survived and are doing well.

Fifer, who is glad to have her mom and her baby alive, shares Patten’s thoughts. She also believes God used Alora as a way of positioning the grandmother in the right place for a miracle. She explained:

“It was just fate that my mom was supposed to be here. It was ultimately because of Alora that my mom is here and happened to be at the right place at the right time. She truly is a walking miracle.”

Grandmother spending time with her grandchild. | Photo: Shutterstock

Grandmother spending time with her grandchild. | Photo: Shutterstock

The doctors also played a part in the miracle but insist on awarding the grandma of eight all the credit. Dr. Dov Frankel, one of the doctors who tended to Patten, admitted that they remained relentless only because the woman refused to give up. Speaking to the woman, he shared:

“I don’t say you’re welcome, I say thank you. You taught us what it means to live. You taught us what it means to not give up.”

Their aggressive resuscitation approach helped the doctors at GBMC give the three generations of fighters a reason to smile at the end of their dark ordeal.


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