A Woman Has 11 Kids Already and Is Now Expecting Again; She Wants a Total of 17 Kids

Motherhood is an experience filled with exhilaration, exhaustion, and little praise. However, one woman doesn’t mind at all, taking the weight of the world on her shoulders and leaving other moms wholly confounded as to how she does it all. 

36-year-old Veronica Merritt from New York is a loving parent with a huge heart and a huge family. She is eager to have many more kids with her 37-year-old husband, Marty.

Due to her kidney disease, this mom can’t use contraceptives. This makes her slightly more prone to conceiving children, which has led her down a surprising path.

This New Yorker first fell pregnant at only 14 years old. Taking to Tiktok, the mom shared her story, where she stressed:

“I was scared because I had no idea how to take care of a baby.”

Luckily the new mother’s delivery was smooth, natural, and painless. Her firstborn came into the world precisely on time at a perfect weight and without any pain. This child named Victoria is now 21 years old with ten younger siblings.

Now, 11 children later, Merritt has just announced that she will be having another baby. Taking to Instagram, the 36-year-old shared a video of the sonogram, penning:

“Unjust rules must be broken. Or something like that.😂”

This comment was about a sign below the sonogram screen that prohibited individuals from recording. Humorously, the mother included the hashtag #cheaperbythedozen.


The clip has gained wide popularity, racking up almost 800 likes. Most of the comments were supportive and congratulatory, with Ayla 🎀 writing:

“Congratulations!!!! im about 10 weeks along 😀 I get my first and you get your complete dozen!!! 💕💕💕💕💕”

However, several individuals criticized her for having more children. Fellow Instagramer Beth Ann Bosses stated that giving birth to many kids does not require any talent and should not be praised.

After her oldest, the mom’s current children range from 1 year old to the teen years. Her most senior is Andrew at 16 years old, followed by Adam at 15 years old, Mara at 13 years old, Dash at 12 years old, Darla at ten years old, and Marvelous at eight years old.

The babies are Martalya at six years old, Amelia at four years old, Delilah at three years old, and Donovan at one year old. Merritt has stated that she would eventually like to have a total of 17 kids. How do you feel about this mother’s desire to have even more children?


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