A Woman, Ivanna Adopts Baby Boy She Found and Years Later His Alleged Father Shows Up

Ivanna witnessed a mysterious accident on her way home and saw a baby left on the side of the road. She took the baby in and eventually adopted him. But years later, she met his alleged father and discovered what happened.

Ivanna lived a peaceful life in Bar Harbor, Maine, but it wasn’t stimulating. She was 36 years old and still single. Her Ford Fiesta was from the early 1990s and needed serious repairs, but Ivanna could never afford them.

However, she was happy because her boss, Mrs. Grant, had recently promoted her to Executive Assistant at Alphacom. The position came with a significant salary boost and better benefits.

She thought of celebrating one night by ordering takeout from her favorite Chinese restaurant. However, as she was driving through an empty avenue, a Lexus in front of her suddenly stopped.

She barely hit the brakes in time to avoid a collision. What is wrong with you? There are no other cars around, Ivanna thought angrily at the driver. But the driver of the Lexus got out, and she saw him peek at something in front of his car.

What’s going on? she wondered and decided to step out. She got close and saw that the man had hit a woman, and she was bleeding profusely.

“You idiot! Why wouldn’t you get inside the car?!” the man bellowed at the unconscious woman and Ivanna sensed danger immediately.

He did it on purpose, she thought, scared. So, she backed away and went back to her car. Once there, Ivanna saw the man place the unconscious woman inside his car and speed off. She didn’t know if he would take her to a hospital. But it wasn’t likely.

Ivanna got out and breathed deeply. Should I call the police? she wondered. But before she could get her phone, she heard a baby wailing. It was coming from the grass right next to the road.

“Oh God,” she breathed. It was a baby boy in his blanket. It had a fresh scratch on his forehead but didn’t seem to be hurt. The woman must have thrown him to the side when she realized that the man would crash into her.


“Hey, baby,” Ivanna cooed. “Let’s get you checked out.”

She took the baby home and called her pediatrician, Emilia, who lived right next door. Luckily, she was home and came right over to check the baby. Ivanna told her everything that happened.

“Oh my God. That’s crazy. Did you call the police?” Emilia asked.

“I was going to before I heard the baby wailing. I wanted to get him checked out first. I have to call them,” Ivanna said. Emilia left after determining that the baby was luckily fine. His mother saved him from whatever happened.

That night, Ivanna watched and fed him as best she could until the following day when she bought a bunch of stuff for him. She had yet to call the police, fearing they might take him away. It’s time. I have to call them. It’s the right thing to do, Ivanna thought.

She called them, and they went to her house for the details. “Is there anything you can tell me about the man you saw in the Lexus?” an officer named Vanna asked her.

“He was blonde and wearing all black. But I’m sorry. I didn’t want to get any closer after he yelled at the unconscious lady. He had a dangerous vibe,” Ivanna explained.

“Don’t worry, ma’am. You did the right thing. A social worker should reach out to you about the baby. We’ll do the best we can to figure out this situation,” the officer said and left.

A few hours later, Mrs. Lorena Grant from Social Services showed up. “Is there any way I can keep him? He seems settled,” Ivanna asked her.

“Well, you’ll have to apply to become a foster mother. Normally, we wouldn’t do that, but you’re right. He seems happy here. Let’s give it a week.  I’ll be coming over again in a few days to check everything out. But I have a few suggestions,” Mrs. Grant said.

“Thank you!” Ivanna said. She followed everything Mrs. Grant said, and it helped expedite her application to foster the baby. The police soon discovered that the baby’s mother, Hanna Acosta, died in the hospital a few days after Ivanna witnessed the accident.

But they also discovered the baby’s birth certificate at the same hospital. His name was Vincent, and Ivanna became his official foster mother. A few years later, she adopted him legally thanks to Mrs. Grant’s help.

She became the best mother to Vincent and managed to juggle her career and home life successfully. Luckily, her company had a daycare right in the building, and soon, Vincent started school and was the brightest in his class.

But years later, someone unexpected showed up. Vincent was eight years old, and Ivanna was picking him up from soccer practice when a strange man approached them outside. “Excuse me, are you Ivanna Mayer?” he asked.

“Yes. Can I help you?” Ivanna asked warily.

“My name is Rodrigo Johnson. I dated Hanna Acosta around nine years ago. I believe I am the father of your son,” he answered.

Ivanna couldn’t believe it. Vincent always knew he was adopted, so she was not worried about that. But she had no idea there was any father in the picture.

“I’m sorry. There was no father indicated in his birth certificate. Are you sure?” Ivanna asked him.

“Yes. I’m sorry. I fought with his mother before the baby’s birth, and we were not together. I lived in Winter Harbor at the time. Then I couldn’t reach Hanna. I didn’t know she was so close,” Rodrigo explained.

“Ok, I believe you, sir. How about we meet for coffee in a few minutes? I have to take Vincent home, but you can explain everything further,” Ivanna suggested. Rodrigo agreed, and she took her son home.

She asked another neighbor to watch him and went to meet Rodrigo. He explained that he and Hanna fought over her ex-boyfriend, who was dangerous and obsessive. “I didn’t find out she died until a month ago,” Rodrigo finished.

“I’m so sorry about everything. I think her ex-boyfriend was the one who ran her over. Do you know his name? We could inform the police because I know they haven’t found him,” Ivanna said.

“Yes, let’s tell them. But is there any chance you can let me be part of your son’s life? I don’t even know what Hanna named him,” Rodrigo added.

“Of course, yes. We can get a paternity test to make sure, and I wouldn’t deprive Vincent of a chance to have a father,” Ivanna assured.

“Thank you! You’re a saint,” Rodrigo replied.

Soon, they sought a paternity test, which confirmed Rodrigo’s words. Then they went to the police, hoping to help in their search for that horrible man.

Rodrigo spent a lot of time with Ivanna and his son. He never overstepped her boundaries and was just happy to be part of Vincent’s life. But in the end, Rodrigo and Ivanna fell in love after spending so much time together. They got married and had a daughter named Aria.


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