A Woman Was Uncontrollable after Hearing Her Son’s Touching Speech during Adoption Proceedings

Foster mom, Sara Cozad, knew she did the right thing by adopting her two foster kids after listening to her son’s emotional speech during the adoption proceedings.

Brothers Dayshawn and Michael spent a huge part of their lives in foster care before finally landing in the care of Sarah Cozad and her husband, Stuart Shank.

The couple spent years fostering the kids and raising them as a family. However, when it was time to give them up, the two knew it was a step they could not bear to take.

Hence, they decided to take another route, taking the kids in for real and officially cementing their place as members of the family in 2018. Following their decision to adopt the kids, the duo proceeded to fulfill the legal proceedings to finalize the process.

The video of their memorable moment went viral, with many in awe of the kids’ fondness for their new parents. The clip showed the new family of four seated in front of a judge who was focused on probing them.

The concerned judge threw the expected question at the older boy, Dayshawn, asking if he favored the adoption. The teenager happily replied yes, with a smile plastered on his face.

He proceeded to explain how he and his brother received so much love from his foster family, and he and his brother came to reciprocate that love too. Dayshawn divulged:

“I’m glad to be their son. They’re just really the best thing I’ve ever had. I can’t wish for anything more. I just wish I could love these people for the rest of my life.”

The teenager’s statement moved his new mom to tears as she relished every word he spoke, erasing her last shred of doubt.

Dayshawn’s words also touched the judge, who immediately agreed she needed no further convincing. Turning to the younger boy, Michael, the judge ceremoniously asked for his approval, before urging him to seal the deal.

Michael immediately grabbed the judge’s gavel and struck the table, giving his final verdict. With that, the parents signed the adoption papers and took in the two newest additions to their family. As a special treat, Shank and Cozad drove the boys to the courthouse and back in a special Limo.

The adoption of the two youngsters brought tears to people’s eyes, with several netizens commending the couple for their heroic act. One commenter wrote:

“Adopting a child is an incredible act. The world needs more people like this.”

Others reflected on how happy the siblings must feel to have been adopted jointly by the same family. One commenter described it as the best thing ever, while another agreed, adding that family went beyond blood.

Many commenters described adoption as the noblest act of all, as it availed a stable family, hence, giving them a reason to smile. Commenting on the mom’s reaction, one YouTuber wrote:

“The mom’s reaction was so pure. There’s kindness and love in her eyes. God bless the beautiful family.”

Other netizens marveled at how adorable Dayshawn was, referring to him as a sweet kid with a bright future ahead of him. With such adorable children joining the family, Cozad and Shank could easily pass for the luckiest parents on the planet.


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