A Young Woman Surprised Her Father After Waking Up From A Coma

A young woman decided to surprise her father after waking up from a coma. Instead of behaving strangely or worrying him over her health, she revived a competition that the daddy-daughter duo had been fond of for a long time.

Pranking friends and family members is an amusing activity, and we may all have tried doing so at one point. This young woman did the same thing to her father, even though her choice of venue and time might shock some people.

Elise Lamsdale shared a video on TikTok, where she explained how she ended up getting even with her dad immediately after she woke up from a medically-induced coma.

In the video, Elise recalled playing a somewhat absurd game with her father for over a decade where one of them tried to get the other person’s attention for no particular reason. The viral video’s caption read:

“Every time I think I’m not competitive I remember this story.”

She further added that even though the game sounded dumb, she had fond memories of playing it with her dad, and over time, it had turned into a competition that dated back to her childhood years.

Elise explained that she and her father had played the game for so long that they had ultimately stopped reacting when they heard each other’s names. So for unexplainable reasons, she decided to revisit the same game after gaining consciousness from her coma.

The father-daughter duo now shares matching surgical scars behind their ears. 

While the venue and circumstances were odd for such a prank, Elise’s timing was perfect and gave her an edge over her dad. She expressed that she was given a piece of paper to communicate because she had a ventilator down her throat and couldn’t talk.

Users comment on Elise's TikTok video of pranking her father while being hospitalized. | Photo: tiktok.com/eliselamsdale | Shutterstock

While she could have written anything on that paper, she chose to write “Dad.” It seemed that her father had somehow forgotten what she aimed at and immediately replied with “what?”

Elise not only won the game but also ended up baffling all the medical staff in the room. Gradually, it dawned upon her father what had just befallen him, and he assured the doctors and nurses that “she was absolutely fine.”

The viral TikTok video has been viewed by 6 million people and has around 1.5 million likes and more than 3600 comments. One user said: “That was the quickest way you could show your dad that you were OK, and I love it!”

Users comment on Elise's TikTok video of pranking her father while being hospitalized. | Photo: tiktok.com/eliselamsdale | Shutterstock

This isn’t the only example of a loving bond between a father and daughter. Another adorable daddy-daughter duo, Zeb and Charlotte Misko, have gone viral online because of their journey of recovering from the exact same condition.

Zeb and Charlotte suffered from a rare brain condition called craniosynostosis, which is characterized by the bones in a baby’s skull joining together, thereby hampering the brain’s development and growth.

1-year-old Charlotte underwent treatment for the condition and is now doing fine, just like her father, who also recovered from the same disease in his childhood. The father-daughter duo now shares matching surgical scars behind their ears.


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