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A2movies: Nothing is better than watching a movie in your comfortable home. And most of the youngsters nowadays prefer to watch movies online. Plenty of free movie-downloading websites have come to their business here. However, using such a website for movie download may sometimes become complicated. So here we are present to discuss the detailed explanation of the site A2movies. 

What Is A2movies?

This is one of the best movie-downloading websites in the Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. Though the site is mainly famous for Tamil and Telugu movies, Hindi movies and English movies are available online, too, for your easy download option. You can taste several different movies from different domains. 

How And When Was A2movies Started?

The site started as a small website with some Tamil movies. As time passed, it started uploading the latest films in that industry and started to grow more. The site later started to upload the latest Hindi and English movies online. And it started to grow a bigger website with a larger size of the movie library. The government has blocked the URLs from the first day of the website. However, the owners also changed the URLs frequently and kept the site going.  

How Does The A2movies Website Work?

The site uploads most of the latest movies within a week of its release. This increases the traffic on the website, and the click rates increase. So the owners earn money like this. As the traffic increases, there is an increased inflow of ads on the site, which also brings quite a lot of money to the owners. The website uploads different kinds of movies at different HD qualities. And there are different movies from several domains also. All the dubbed sound Indian movies help attract the many visitors it has. 


Is Using A2movies Safe?

No, using the A2movjes is not safe. The website contains pirated content and is full of dangers. There are chances that the site may take your credentials and make your phone data vulnerable to the world of hackers. And using the site is also dangerous as it can make you face unwanted situations. 

Is It Legal To Use A2movies Website?

A2movies is a piracy website. And piracy is illegal for use as per the law of the Indian government. So, if you use the site for movie download, you may face unfavorable punishment. So we strictly suggest you do not use these websites but rather surf safely and securely. 

Alternatives to A2movies :

There are several other options for downloading films and TV Series for free. Most of the sites mentioned below are the perfect alternatives to A2movies:

Unique Features Of A2movies

There are several sites on the internet. Sooner or later, they provide all the movies of the Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam universes. It is not easy for anyone’s website to stand out from the group. But among them, A2movies has come out as the best with some reason for good. So here are the reasons why the website is best. 

  • A2movies has a large library on the website. There are several types of movies available. You can watch Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies and movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. All these movies attract different kinds of visitors to the website. And make them more attracted to the site. 
  • You can download movies with 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p. The more pixels, the better the quality. And as the quality is better, you will see a better image. This way, the visitors tend to choose the video quality as per their choice, and hence, they get more attracted to the website.  
  • Several categories are available on the website: love, drama, children, war, sports, comedy, horror, thriller, action, fighting, strategy, vampire, sci-fi, etc. You must choose one category according to your mood, and you will find a movie even when you do not know what to watch.  


The website is a pirated website and contains pirated content. However, the article does not support any piracy. This article is complete for educational purposes and strictly recommends not using these websites. 

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