Abbie Chatfield shuts down ‘pick me’ slur anti-vaxxers call her

Abbie Chatfield has brilliantly shut down a common slur anti-vaxxers use against her, pointing out the correct definition of the term.

Abbie Chatfield has shut down anti-vaxxers who labelled her “rude” and called her a “mean girl” after she called them out for having a “sook” over the outfit she plans to wear once NSW reaches its vaccination target.

The 26-year-old influencer who has been vocal in her support of the coronavirus vaccines showed off the green playsuit she was planning to wear once travel outside of Sydney was allowed again in a video last week.

However her post rubbed anti-vaxxers up the wrong way, sparking a flurry of angry videos, comments and even death threats towards Abbie.

While the barrage of abuse had left the former Bachelor star in tears on Friday night, she has since spoken out about it on her Nova podcast It’s A Lot – blasting the anti-vaxxers as “ridiculous”.

Explaining “one person called me a ‘pick me’ girl” Abbie said she couldn’t help but “laugh so hard” at the jibe.

According to Urban Dictionary, a pick-me girl is “a girl who seeks male validation by indirectly or directly insinuating that she is ‘not like the other girls’”.

“Some of these insults I’m like okay, you can think that” she said.

“But ‘pick me?!’ Please get the definition right because I am literally the most opposite of a pick me in this nation. I spend my time at yelling at strangers on the internet about feminism and vaccines! That f**king annoyed me.”

She finished her takedown by telling anti-vaxxers to “please get the definition right”.

Other insults aimed at Abbie included calling her a “mean girl” which she rebuffed as “sexist and ridiculous”.

“During the Bachelor people would call me the mean girl because I was sexual because they had this one-dimensional idea of a woman,” she said.

“And now they call me ‘mean girl’ because I’m outspoken and I think this idea of a mean girl is so interesting because I don’t think I’ve ever been mean to anyone.

“I think I’ve called people out when they’ve literally threatened to my life or threaten me or when they say silly things, sorry I’m going to say you’re being silly.”

The outspoken star, who won I’m a Celebrity! in February, also said she has no regrets sharing her excitement about getting out of lockdown.

“All of these anti-vaxxers are having a sook because they’re like “you’ll thank us freedom fighters later” and I’m like “yeah anyway I’m going to pick an outfit so I can enjoy a restaurant because I actually don’t give a sh*t what you’re doing any more”.

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