Abbie Chatfield threatened after Byron Bay vaccine TikTok

Abbie Chatfield’s video about the outfit she plans to wear on a future trip to Byron Bay went down like a led balloon among the anti-vax community.

Former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has received threats after posting a video in an outfit she hopes to wear once NSW reaches its vaccination target.

The 26-year-old podcast host posted a TikTok video this week, showing off a green playsuit she planned to wear once intrastate travel was allowed.

The video was posted in response to an anti-vaxxer who accused Chatfield of being “utterly ignorant” and claimed she would be “thanking us freedom fighters later”.

In response, the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! winner jokingly told them, “thank you for your service, but I think this is the outfit I’m going to choose while you’re doing your freedom fighting”.

“I know you’re busy, but again, I just want to go for a holiday with my friends to Byron. I’m thinking down at the Beach Hotel, me having a drink, f***ing random people because I can.

“What do you guys think about me travelling regionally in this outfit unlike the unvaccinated people?”

The video, which she also shared on Instagram Reels, appeared to hit a nerve among the anti-vaxxer community, with hundreds commenting with nasty insults and sending vile direct messages.

In retaliation, the Love Island After Dark host shared several of the crude messages to her story.

One particularly disturbing message told Chatfield: “It’s not just unvaxxed people you should by worried about in Byron darl, I’d watch your back”.

Another made foul derogatory comments about Chatfield’s body before threatening to kick her in the head if they ever encountered her in real life.

The abuse was so extensive that Chatfield revealed it had reminded her of the backlash she received from the public after exiting Matt Agnew’s season of the Bachelor in 2019.

“I’m just feeling a bit triggered back to Bachelor days, so I’m just probably going to have tomorrow and the weekend off,” she said through tears late Thursday evening.

“People are f***ing psycho.

“It just feels like it did after Bachelor. There’s just a lot of threats of violence.”


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