Actors Who Have Invested In Sports Teams

Most sports fans will watch their team on TV, go to the arena/stadium, or have a little gamble on them when the games are on; click here, if you, too, like a wager. For actors, however, things are a little different, and some of the wealthiest will look to invest in a sports team. Here we look at which mega-rich actors have taken that plunge and invested in sports. 

Wrexham FC

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney purchased Wrexham Football Club in 2020, becoming the first Hollywood celebrities to own a major professional sports team. The two actors have a shared passion for football and want to use their influence to help the local community. The purchase of Wrexham was also an opportunity to impact the lives of the people in the area.

The ownership of Wrexham provides a platform for the two celebrities to make a difference in the lives of the club’s fans and the local community. The team’s success on the pitch will also provide entertainment and support to the local area. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are committed to using their influence and wealth to positively impact Wrexham and the surrounding area.

Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter

Actor Mark Wahlberg has also been active in the sports investment world, becoming a co-owner of the UFC in 2016. Wahlberg’s involvement has helped the UFC reach new heights of popularity in the entertainment world, and he has become an active advocate for the sport. Since entering the UFC ownership group, Wahlberg has been instrumental in securing new sponsorships, negotiating television deals, and bringing in additional talent. 

Will And Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith is another actor who has invested in sports teams. In 2011, Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, invested in the Philadelphia 76ers, becoming the first African American owners in the NBA. Smith’s involvement with the team has been deeply personal, as he is an avid basketball fan and has been a part of the team’s ownership group for nearly a decade. Smith and his wife have also become fixtures in the Philadelphia sports community, using their influence to inspire the city’s youth and support local charities. 

The Rock

Finally, actor Dwayne Johnson has invested in sports teams. In 2018, Johnson and his partners purchased the XFL, a professional football league that had previously gone bankrupt. Under Johnson’s ownership, the league has been rebooted and is now in its second season of play. Johnson is also a part-owner of the Seattle Dragons, an XFL team based in his hometown. His involvement has helped the XFL gain more attention and credibility while allowing Johnson to show his support for the game he loves.  

Overall, actors have become increasingly involved in the world of sports investments in recent years. From Magic Johnson to Dwayne Johnson, these individuals have used their influence and wealth to bring new life to professional sports teams, inspiring fans and providing a unique way for actors to share their love of the game.

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