Actress Christina Ricci of “The Addams Family” has Married Mark Hampton

Christina Ricci, the actress who brought Wednesday from “The Addams Family” to life on the big screen, is now a married woman after saying “I do” to her husband Mark Hampton.

The actress recently took to her official Instagram account to share a couple of pictures of their nuptials, in which they can be seen smiling sweetly at the camera.

In one of the snaps, the “Casper” star is holding a bouquet of flowers while they stand in front of a larger display of roses. The hairdresser also shared the photo on his own account, captioning it “#justmarried.”

The happy news came just a couple of months after Ricci and Hampton announced that they are expecting a child, their first one together since Ricci is already mother to son Freddie.

Ricci, who starred alongside Johnny Depp in “Sleepy Hollow,” shares the 7-year-old with estranged husband James Heerdegen, whom she was married to from 2013 to 2020.

According to her, while marriage exposes one’s flaws in how they deal with things, a child forces them to “grow up at the speed of light.”

She recalled having a really hard time as a child and growing up famous.

Back in 2015, Ricci revealed that having a child changed everything for her and made everything in her life “actually important and matter.” She added:

“I now have to take things seriously, and I never did before. I want to succeed for him. My choices matter more.”

The 41-year-old announced that she was expecting with a photo of an ultrasound image, which was accompanied by the words: “Life keeps getting better.”

Ricci seems to prefer to keep her private life away from the public eye, especially when it comes to Hampton and Freddie, and she explained why during a 2019 interview:

“No child should be held up for adults to criticize, question, interview, weigh in on. It’s the reason we don’t have pictures of our children up online. It’s the same thing.”

She recalled having a really hard time as a child and growing up famous, and that being questioned about her life all the time made her very reactive and aggressive, so much that she “acted out.”

Nevertheless, Ricci sometimes shares some moments of her life with her fans, just like Hampton’s birthday, which she celebrated with a tribute on Instagram in July.


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