Adam Busby Seizes Precious Quality Solo Time With Parker

OutDaughtered patriarch Adam Busby doesn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity to spend quality time with one of the quints. Recently, Adam takes to Instagram to share details about his day with Parker. Keep reading to find out how Adam and Danielle divide and conquer.

Adam Busby gets quality time with Parker

With six children, it’s no surprise that Adam and Danielle Busby have to split the kids up sometimes to get things done. Recently, Adam takes to his Instagram to share details about the most recent time that he and Danielle had to divide and conquer. In a lengthy caption, Adam gives their fans some insight into how dividing and conquering works in their family.

Adam shares an adorable photo of Parker. In the caption, he explains that he and Danielle both had errands that they needed to get done. So, he takes Parker with him to Houston. Parker definitely gets a sweet part of the deal. Adam writes, “I took Parker to run around Houston with me and of course she got a fun treat, to make the day memorable.

OutDaughtered Busby divide and conquer
Instagram Adam Busby

Then, Adam shares one of the hard truths of having so many kinds. “It’s always a challenge giving our kids one on one attention, but we always seek out these opportunities to do it!”

In the comment section, fans can’t get over how cute Parker is. Some fiercely loyal fans even make an appearance when someone comments that this is Riley. Several of the fans bring up the sugar content of Parker’s treat. Inquiring minds want to know if she was bouncing off the walls afterward.

Danielle twins with Blayke before a dreaded excursion

From the looks of Danielle’s Instagram, while Adam was hanging out with Parker, she got to take Blayke shopping. The mother/daughter duo sought out to shop something that is Blayke’s “least favorite thing to shop for.” According to Danielle, Blayke hates shopping for school shorts, jeans, and pants.

In Danielle’s post, she and Blayke are wearing matching outfits. However, even if they weren’t wearing matching outfits- people would still say that this mother/daughter duo are twins.

OutDaughtered Busby divide and conquer
Instagram Danielle Busby

What do you think about how Adam and Danielle Busby divide and conquer? Let us know your thoughts about the Busbys in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.


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