Adam Busby Shares How Blayke Reacted To Braces 

A few weeks ago, an OutDaughtered fan asked Adam Busby how his daughter Blayke reacted to learning she would need braces. The fan of the reality TV family explained their child was 11. And, they knew their child would need braces in the near future. So, they wondered how Blayke Busby reacted to the news. They hoped they could use the information to have some idea of what to expect from how their own child might react.


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Adam and Danielle’s oldest daughter had a dentist appointment a few weeks ago

It was three weeks ago that Adam Busby offered an update on Blayke’s dental health. Turns out, he had to yank her from school on her second day after returning from summer break. Why? Well, simply because she had an orthodontist appointment. He added in his post on Instagram that the dentist appointment meant he got to enjoy a lunch date and a little one-on-one time with Blayke.

Being the oldest of six girls and having five quintuplets as her little sisters, fans often wonder if Blayke gets enough quality time from her parents. Adam and Danielle, however, have both made it clear on Instagram they seize opportunities to enjoy one-on-one time with each of their girls. Having a dental appointment on a school day, just meant Blayke would get some one-on-one time with one of her parents!

It was in the comments of this post from a few weeks ago that one fan asked for details on how Blayke reacted to learning she needed braces. As we mentioned previously, Adam was happy to offer this fan some details.

How did Blayke Busby react to needing braces?

Adam Busby admitted to the OutDaughtered fan that they live in a very different world. He remembered braces being something you dreaded growing up as a kid. But, Blayke Busby did NOT have a negative reaction to learning she would need braces. In fact, braces were cool and interesting to kids now. Adam Busby added that Blayke Busby was actually “giddy” with anticipation the day she was scheduled to get her braces.

Outdaughtered Adam Busby Instagram
Outdaughtered Adam Busby Instagram

Some fans admitted they remembered dreading getting braces as children. Other fans noted they could relate as they had children get braces recently and they were thrilled.

Are you surprised to learn how Blayke Busby reacted to needing braces? Do you agree with Adam that braces didn’t use to be something kids got excited about? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the OutDaughtered family.

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