Adam & Danielle Take Kids On WILD Adventure

The fun never seems to stop for the Busby family! After a summer filled with beach vacations, the OutDaughtered stars went on a WILD adventure together. Stay on this page to see the photos and read all about the family’s fun day out.

Adam and Danielle reunite with kids after Mexico vacation

Adam and Danielle Busby recently returned to social media after days of silence. It turned out that the couple left their children behind and went on a short vacation in Mexico. However, after a few days of alone time, they were more than happy to reunite with their six daughters.


Credit: TLC/YouTube

The six-year-old quints and their older sister Blayke returned to school earlier this month with gorgeous new looks. Over the weekend, the Busbys all went on a family fun day together. Where did they go?

OutDaughtered stars go on a WILD adventure

The TLC stars love to go on family excursions. Over the summer, they hit up the Alabama shore, and visited their favorite local waterpark several times.

For the latest family fun day, the Busbys went to Bayou Wildlife Zoo. The zoo’s website describes it as an “open range zoo,” similar to a safari.

Bayou Wildlife features a tram that takes visitors out to the ‘wild’ where animals can approach the vehicle. That’s exactly what happened, much to the quints and Blayke’s delight. Danielle Busby shared snapshots of the fun day on her Instagram Stories.

Check out these massive beasts the Busbys got to interact with during their zoo excursion:

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

The zoo also boasts barnyard petting zoo with exotic animals such as Pygmy Goats, Lemurs, and Wallaby.

Busby family ends fun day with sweet treat

Who doesn’t get hungry after an adventure? After an exhausting but fun day with the animals, the Busbys went out for a sweet treat.

They hit up the local hot spot Bahama Bucks for refreshing snow cones that turned their mouths blue.

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Sounds like a busy day! Do you enjoy WILD adventures with your family like the OutDaughtered stars do? Share your experiences in the comments below.

TLC has announced a slew of shows returning this November, including Sister Wives and 7 Little Johnstons. However, the network has yet to reveal plans for Season 9 of OutDaughtered.


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