Addison Rae pretended to be on the phone when asked about ‘He’s All That’ being “worst movie of all time”

Addison Rae pretended to be on the phone when asked a question by paparazzi about her response to some people calling her new movie ‘He’s All That’ the worst movie of all time.

The film has already proven a smash hit jumping to number 1 in at least 62 countries on Netflix including the US and the UK at one point. As of September 1, it is the number one movie globally on the streaming platform.

‘He’s All That’ is the TikTok superstar’s first feature-length film, and she has regularly talked about how excited she was for the film (a remake of the 1990s film ‘She’s All That’) to come out.

Despite mixed reviews and only 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, fans loved the film, sending praise Rae’s way. Rae went to Instagram after the movie’s release to thank fans for watching it and the reception the film has received. She also asked people to “give [her] a chance.”

However, the film has been mocked for editing errors and it received a light-hearted roasting from RuPaul’s Drag Race legends Trixie and Katya who poked fun at the film.

Rae was spotted by paparazzi in Los Angeles again with boyfriend Omar Fedi, and was asked about how she felt about the film going to number 1.

Rae was responded humbly saying that it’s “very awesome” and that she’s “so grateful.” However, the paparazzi questions then turned negative and asked Rae for her thoughts on some people claiming the movie was “the worst movie of all time.”

The paparazzi asked Rae if she had “anything to say about that” to which Rae doesn’t respond. After a few seconds, she then iconically pretends to receive a call so it doesn’t appear that she’s ignoring the paparazzi question.

What’s next for Rae

While Addison Rae has slowly broken her way into the mainstream, criticism surrounding the TikToker continues to rise.

Despite the success of the film, no sequel has been announced yet or whether Rae has signed on for roles in other films. However, with the success as well as buzz online, it’s only a matter of time before she lands her next gig.

Rae has said repeatedly that she wants to move into acting and has teased the release of an upcoming EP.

‘He’s All That’ is out on Netflix right now. The movie features the likes of Tanner Buchanan from Cobra Kai, Kourtney Kardashian, cast members from the original film, and Rae’s ex Bryce Hall.


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