Addison Rae responds to viral flyer error in ‘He’s All That’

In an episode of the Barstool Pizza Review, TikTok sensation Addison Rae responded to an editing error from her new movie ‘He’s All That’ that’s been going viral online.

20-year-old Addison Rae first became known on TikTok, where she quickly blew up and now has over 80 million followers. But she hasn’t just stopped at TikTok, even going on to launch a music career, and is planning to release an album.

In August, one of her biggest projects so far was finally released on Netflix: romantic comedy ‘He’s All That,’ in which she stars as the main character.

The movie got mixed reviews, but still attracted a huge number of viewers. However, in the weeks following the release, fans have been spotting some hilarious editing blunders, like continuity errors and apparent green screen failures.

One of the most viral clips showed Addison handing out flyers, however when you look closely, you can see that she isn’t actually picking up any flyers at all. They even added paper sound effects in post.

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@katicroissantWould it have been so hard to have someone walking next to her out of shot to take the flyers? 😂 ##hesallthat ##addisonrae ##netflix♬ son original – kati

In a September 9 episode of Barstool Pizza Review, Addison finally gave her thoughts on the hugely viral clip.

When host Dave Portnoy showed her the video she laughed and said, “yes, I have seen the clip.”

“I literally remember when we shot that take, I was like ‘shouldn’t I have flyers for every take we do?’ And he was like, ‘no, you won’t see it in this cut,’ and then they put it in! So I was like, okay.”

Topic starts at 2:36

Dave later went on to ask whether haters get to her at all, the star explained: “It definitely gets to me some times, but I feel like I’ve gotten better. Like the past few months I’ve gotten better. After my movie came out, I feel like I’ve just been like, you know what, I’m doing what I love, and I’m here, and I’m happy, so it doesn’t really matter what people have to say.”

It looks like Addison’s acting career will be continuing for a while after the star signed a multi-film deal with Netflix, marking another huge career move for the TikTok sensation.

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