Adele Abandoning Diet, Eating ‘Gut-Busting Meals’ Thanks To New Boyfriend?

Adele with hand on hip in a green dress in 2017

Is Adele eating dangerously? One report says she’s so in love with her new boyfriend Rich Paul that she’s plunged into a bad diet. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Hello To Beau, Bye To Diet’

According to the National Enquirer, Adele is done dieting. The “Skyfall” singer lost 100 pounds through what the outlet describes as starvation days, but that’s all over now. She’s now “tucking into gut-busting meals” on a daily basis, the magazine asserts.

The insider says, “Adele used to be a lot stricter about her calorie intake and telling herself off for eating after a certain hour, but not anymore!” The source explains that she’s now “enjoying everything in moderation.” She and Paul are apparently now enjoying lively meals together all around the United States, and she’s even helping herself to dessert and more wine than usual as a result, the outlet declares. A source concludes, “It’s a refreshing shift in attitude, but she’s earned it the hard way.”

What’s Going On With Adele?

This is nothing more than a reprehensible fat-shaming story attacking and policing what Adele puts in her body. The outlet is salivating at the chance to mock her eating habits and say she’s gaining weight by gorging herself on the daily. Even though its anonymous source did add that she’s enjoying things in moderation, that doesn’t counteract the tabloid’s description of the singer. It’s disgusting and has no place in any reasonable discourse.

While Adele did lose weight recently, it’s a cruel exaggeration to say she starved herself to lose 100 pounds. She’s looking perfectly happy and healthy on Instagram, so this story can go out the window. Adele’s also not addressed dropping her diet or anything, and it’s perfectly possible to eat responsibly and date simultaneously.


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Why This? Why Now?

This story seemingly came about because Paul and Adele were spotted getting dinner. Literally, that’s it: They got dinner. The tabloid twisted one night out into a full-on attack.

All reports indicate that Adele is “having a good time” with Paul. They’ve already been dating for months, but it’s “not super serious.” The Enquirer must have been desperate to attack Adele, who is just peacefully living her best life

Other Shameful Stories

We just debunked this tabloid for claiming Kirsten Dunst was “packing on a lot of pounds.” It recently claimed Catherine Bach had gained at least 100 pounds as well. It’s also set its sights on Jack Nicholson and Russell Crowe as well. There’s sadly no shortage of fat-shaming stories to be found.

These stories are worthless and meaningless. Everyone’s weight fluctuates — that’s just how bodies work. Fat-shaming stories are a tabloid staple, so Gossip Cop sadly does not see them going away. Adele is as happy and healthy as ever, so you can disregard this story.

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