Adorable dog interrupts weather reporter, netizens can’t keep calm – WATCH viral video

Since the pandemic has hit the world, work from home has become a part of life for everyone, including media organizations. As a result, they have learned over time how to function from home. Lately, we have also seen many interruptions on live TV while guests spoke from the comfort of their homes, but this has been the cutest and the most adorable interruption you will see in a while.

Recently, the cutest ever guest you can imagine interrupted a weather report on ‘Global News Toronto.’ Meteorologist Anthony Farnell was live on the channel, standing in front of a green screen delivering the forecast. Still, he was suddenly interrupted, or you may say, accompanied by his pet ‘Storm,’ who is now being dubbed as the weather dog. The video was shared by the news channel itself on YouTube and has gone viral.

Here is the adorable video: 

In the video, we see Storm, a mini Goldendoodle, walking in and out of the frame of the weather reporter, stopping to eat treats placed near the weather map. As Storm kept doing it, Farnell joked on air, saying, “Yes, Storm is in the building, getting some treats, walking on thin air.”

As the video went viral, people couldn’t control themselves as they gushed at the dog’s cuteness. People also loved how the weather reporter reacted towards the dog.

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