Aerialist performer hangs by her hair; unbelievable video goes viral

After watching this video, you will get stunned for a moment. Yes, a viral video shows an aerialist performer hanging by her hair in New York.

An Instagram page called Ripley’s Believe It or Not! posted this video on their page. In the video, a woman named Erin Blare demonstrates a stunt that is usually conducted in the circus.

As the video proceeds, she can be seen dangling in the air, holding the anchor point atop her head.

As per the post’s description, Erin Blaire is one of the few aerialists trained to perform scalp-tingling stunts that continue to attract the audience.

Meantime, the video was shared a day ago, and the clip has accumulated more than 1,6800 likes, and the numbers are growing. It has also collected various comments from people. Watch the video.

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