Aggressive cows take over French beach as horrified tourists gored on holiday

Corsican beaches were closed after cows roamed the sands and gored visitors.

The French island’s 15k-strong cow population has become increasingly problematic, goring unlucky beachgoers who get in their way.

One man was sent to hospital after fighting with a herd for his favourite spot on the beach in Lotu on the north coast, The Times reported.

The man was jabbed in the neck by one cow’s sharp horns.

Last week, a herd of unruly cows chased tourists down a popular thoroughfare in one of the island’s most visited towns.

And in mountain village Lozzi, a 70-year-old woman was attacked while she hung out her washing.

Unruly cows have wreaked havoc on Corsica’s idyllic beaches
(Image: AFP via Getty Images)


She was flown to hospital last month with a severe leg wound.

Lozzi mayor Francois Acquaviva told local newspaper Corse-Matin the problem was more serious than silly.

He said: “The lady was wounded two centimetres from the femoral artery.

“If this goes on, there will be deaths.”

Meanwhile, in a southern resort, Ajaccio tourists were banned from certain beaches amid fears they could be seriously hurt.

Local leaders advise tourists to give the wandering beasts right of way
Local leaders advise tourists to give the wandering beasts right of way
(Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Crowds of cattle have been pictured denting cars, disrupting picnics, and damaging private property.

A local councillor added: “Tourists laugh at this as folklore and take pictures, but it’s a real pest.”

Some locals blame the EU’s agricultural policy, which encouraged novice farmers to buy cattle.

But when the rules changed, many were freed from captivity and left to roam free.

Cows protecting calves are said to be best avoided, as their protective instincts can provoke violent anger.

One local animal rescue official said: “When you see that they are heading in a particular direction, it is best to give them priority.”

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