Airport staff reveal how to get freebies when checking in

NEXT time you’re at the airport, you could get some extra perks – depending on how you act.

Former airline gate attendant Alex Zois explained that he has the power to help passengers – if they are nice.



Airport staff have revealed how to get extra perks when flyingCredit: Getty – Contributor

Despite struggling through the pandemic, he said that just saying please and thank you goes a long way “especially if you’re asking for something from an airport crew member”.

However, while he admitted there are no “real upgrades” any more for travellers, this doesn’t mean you won’t get anything for being nice.

He told The Point’s Guy: “If a customer was being nice and polite, I would always try to go the extra mile to see if they can accommodate their seat request on a full flight if they came up to the gate.

“If I saw a seat open, I would do my best to give them the seat since nobody was going to sit there anyway.”

Mr Zois also said that passengers are more demanding post-Covid.

He explained: “Most customers are pretty patient, but some tend to demand more than others.

“As everything starts to ramp up again, having a bit more patience can go a long way.”

A different flight attendant explained how being nice could also get you free drinks on a plane.

Kat Kamalani, who works as a flight attendant in the US, said on TikTok: “This is the number one way that you can get a free drink on your next flight.

“So if you’re sitting in your seat and your monitor or air conditioning or something is broken and we can’t fix it, we have a little iPhone that can give you free complimentary drinks to make up for that mishap.”

Being nice to the airport staff will see you treated much better


Being nice to the airport staff will see you treated much betterCredit: Getty – Contributor

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