Alaskan Bush People’s Bird & Rain Brown slammed for making eyeliner out of CHARCOAL when they ‘live near a CVS’

ALASKAN Bush People stars Bird and Rain Brown have been mocked for using charcoal to make eyeliner.

The siblings were seen in a video of the moment on Instagram last week as they used burnt wood from a recent wildfire to make the eye makeup


Alaskan Bush People stars Rain and Bird were slammed for making their own charcoal eyelinerCredit: Instagram
The ladies showed the process of using burnt wood to make the makeup in a clip shared to Instagram last week


The ladies showed the process of using burnt wood to make the makeup in a clip shared to Instagram last weekCredit: Instagram

The ABP page captioned the clip: “When the good lord gives you a wildfire, you have to use the charcoal. #AlaskanBushPeople.”

The girls were seen scraping off the blackened bark before grinding it down and mixing it into a liquid in a bowl.

But fans were not convinced there was any need for the TV stars to making it from scratch, as they took to the comments to slam the stars.

One person wrote: “OK give me a break, you girls don’t live in the bush. The entire show is fake. Go to CVS and buy your eyeliner.”

Another added: “They live in town and when they were “in the bush” they had fires. But now because of a wildfire they have charcoal to make makeup”

“Oh come on people !! If they can have tattoos, piercings , jewelry, braces ect I’m sure they don’t need to make eye liner out of charcoal! This show is a huge farce!!! It’s stupid entertainment at its worse !!!” cam another comment.

This comes after claims the family “doesn’t live on the Washington property” as they claim, but live in town.

Sources exclusively claimed to The Sun that the clan has never lived on their $1.6m mountainside property full time and instead rent homes in a nearby town. 

The Brown family supposedly moved to the 436-acre North Star Ranch in Washington state after spending $1.6 million on four parcels of land for $415,000 each in February 2018.

But a series of misfortunes, including a wildfire and death of patriarch Billy Brown, have limited the clan’s ability to live on the property, according to neighbors.

The property was hit by a wildfire in August last year before Alaskan Bush People’s Billy died at age 68 in a Loomis home following a seizure in February.

On the new season of the hit Discovery Channel show, the family members can be seen spending most of their time at the property on Palmer Mountain near the border with Canada. 

But locals exclusively claimed to The Sun that the Browns only ever “half a**ed” lived on the secluded patch of woodland due to problems with the property. 

One source told The Sun: “They rent down in Loomis, the kids rent and so forth. Nobody lives up there. 

“The Browns tried to establish themselves up there and then the fire came a year ago and that’s why they were down in town.

“Things might have been different if there hadn’t been illnesses and that kind of stuff. 

“The family come up and poke around up there, but their house was just getting finished and it’s hard to get permits to do stuff.”

The insider continued to allege: “The house didn’t get burned, but some of the other assets did, other property they had on the land. 

“The Browns used to half-a**ed live up there, they’d go up and spend a while and then come down.

“They had no electricity, no water. They have a well now and a little generator, but they weren’t really set up. 

“They were working that way but the fire came and then the old man died.”


A second source previously confirmed to The Sun that the family lives in a home in Loomis, where Billy passed away in February.

The insider said: “I don’t really know much about these people other than to say they live here and that’s their home. “

The single-family home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The property is worth $34,000, according to real estate sites.

A representative for the family declined to comment. 


The Brown clan relocated from Alaska to Washington state after matriarch Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017.

At first they moved to a $2.7 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California, before heading up north to the Palmer Mountain property in Okanogan County.

Rumors about the family’s living arrangements and supposed off-the-grid wilderness lifestyle have been swirling for a long time.

Billy and Ami’s son Noah, 26, addressed them when he said in May that he and his wife Rhain had been forced to leave North Star Ranch because of the fire. 

He wrote on Instagram: “To set the record straight so that everyone can stop asking and speculating.

“The mountain is home, North Star Ranch is home, the only reason that we are not on the mountain right now is because Rhain and I personally lost everything in the Palmer mountain wildfire; so we are in a rent house until we can rebuild what we lost.”

Claims of fakery previously dogged the Browns when they were living in Alaska too.

In 2016, it was reported that rather than live out in the remote Alaskan bush, the family were in fact staying at a hotel in Hoonah, Alaska while filming.

They scraped off the burned bark off wood from a recent wildfire


They scraped off the burned bark off wood from a recent wildfireCredit: Instagram
The duo made a liquid with the charcoal


The duo made a liquid with the charcoalCredit: Instagram
The clan have been accused of faking their life in the wilderness


The clan have been accused of faking their life in the wildernessCredit: Discovery

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