Alaskan Bush People’s Noah Brown posts rare video of son Eli, 2, with wife Rhain after sudden death of dad Billy

NOAH Brown shared a rare video of his two-year-old son Eli he shares with wife Rhain after his father’s tragic passing.

The Alaskan Bush People patriarch died of congestive heart failure after suffering a fatal seizure at the age of 68.


Noah shared a rare video of his sonCredit: Noah Brown/Facebook
He created a fake Thor's hammer as a gift for the tiny tot


He created a fake Thor’s hammer as a gift for the tiny tot

Noah, 29, took to Instagram to share a rare video of his son as he received a homemade gift.

The reality star crafted a foam toy modeled after Thor’s hammer for his first-born child and then filmed the tot’s reaction upon receiving the present.

“Eli, there’s a present behind you,” the TV personality told his blonde toddler.

Eli then turned and ran to grab the fake hammer which lay waiting in the grass.

“Thank you daddy!” he yelled in excitement as he examined his gift.

“Do you like it?” Noah asked, as his son nodded in agreement.

“Hit the ground!” the father of one ordered, and Eli smashed the toy into the dirt.

“Love you, buddy,” he added before ending the clip.


Noah, his wife, and his family have had a difficult last year, after losing family patriarch Billy Brown and being forced to move after a devastating fire destroyed their homes.

The couple revealed in May that last Fall the massive wildfire destroyed acres of their land, leaving them no choice but to pack up and move out.

The ABP star told fans at the time: “To set the record straight so that everyone can stop asking and speculating.

“The mountain is home, North Star Ranch is home, the only reason that we are not on the mountain right now is because Rhain and I personally lost everything in the Palmer mountain wildfire; so we are in a rent house until we can rebuild what we lost.

“We do not want any donations or handouts, we are handling everything ourselves, however We do really appreciate the well wishes and prayers, thank you.”

The Palmer Fire burned through 17,735 acres in Washington state, including patriarch Billy Brown’s $1.6 million, 436-acre property. 


Just months later, Billy died after suffering a seizure due to cardiac arrest.

The Sun exclusively reported that medics attempted to save him with CPR and called for an emergency helicopter, but were unsuccessful.

The Washington Sheriff’s Office confirmed to The Sun that a call was made at 4:03 pm, saying: “Medical requested a helicopter. It doesn’t appear he was transported to the hospital by medical. He passed away at the house.

“Medics and fire were on the scene an hour and a half before the Sheriff’s Office was called. We respond to all deaths. At this point, nothing suspicious or criminal.”

In an emotional clip from Alaskan Bush People, Noah began crying as he remembered his late father, saying: “The thing I’ll remember the most about dad was his dream.”


Earlier this Summer, Noah, and Rhain revealed they were expecting their second child together with a sweet poem.

The soon-to-be father of two wrote in a post: “Roses are red, Violets are Blue, Rhain is Pregnant and I will love this baby too.”

The couple previously welcomed their baby boy Elijah in February of 2019.

The couple welcomed Eli in 2019


The couple welcomed Eli in 2019
They are currently expecting their second child


They are currently expecting their second childCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source
Billy passed away in February


Billy passed away in FebruaryCredit: Discovery
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