Aldi is selling a half-hot half-cool duvet perfect for mismatched couples

It isn’t easy for everyone to fall asleep especially if you’re stressed, worried, or uncomfortable.

And, the day after a terrible night’s sleep is never fun so it’s important that your sleep space is perfect for you so you can tuck in for a good, restful slumber.

However, that can be tricky if you share a bed or bedroom with your significant other.

If you’re constantly arguing because one of you is too hot and the other too cold then Aldi’s latest bedtime but could just save your relationship – and your sleep – for just £20.

The supermarket is selling a products called the Slumberdown “Made For You Two” duvet which comes split in two – one half keeps the colder sleeper toasty and warm while the other half keeps the always hot person nice and cool.

In practice, this is because half of the duvet is a light 4.5 tog and the other half is a warming 10.5 tog.

The duvet is half cool and half warm

It’s perfect for mismatched temperature couples.

Alternatively, the double duvet will also work well for singletons who don’t want to buy two duvets for the winter and summer.

Simply flip the Slumberdown over on nights when you’re too hot or cold so that the tog matches your needs.

Who thought of this?!

Selling currently at £19.99 on Aldi’s online market, the product description reads: “Get the sleep you deserve with this Made For You Two Double Duvet.

It's the perfect duvet for couples or singletons
It’s the perfect duvet for couples or singletons

“This clever duvet has one half that is 4.5 tog in thickness for the warmer months, and a 10.5 tog half for the chillier months, or, if you sleep with a partner who prefers to be warmer or colder, this duvet is the perfect solution to ensure bedtime harmony.

“So snuggle down, and enjoy the perfect temperature.”

It’s machine washable and is two metres by two metres.

The bargain buy was shared on the Facebook group ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK’ where almost 6,000 members liked the clever post.

One person said: “I need the warm side just as I get into bed and then I can move over to the cooler side during the night! Perfect!”

Couples will be comfier than ever
Couples will be comfier than ever

While another person commented: “Ah but the warm part is for my feet and the cool part for the top half! It’s not for couples it’s for cold feet!”

“I’ve never seen anything we need so much,” noted a third who tagged their partner.

If you’re unable to snap one up then there’s always an alternative. Simply buy a sheet which covers the two of you and then a single duvet each which fits your tog requirements.

Then, simply pull your individual duvet on top of your sheet at night.

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