Aldi shopper slammed for saying ‘kids sitting in trolleys should be banned’

A supermarket shopper sparked controversy by saying “kids inside trolleys should be banned”.

On Facebook’s Overheard in Aldi group, the male customer confessed that it “annoys the hell out of him” when children are carted around.

According to Liverpool Echo, he said: “Kids inside trolleys where food has to go really annoys the hell out of me.

“Anyone else thinks stores should ban this practice and approach the culprits?”

The post garnered more than 1,900 comments – with the majority of people arguing against the opinion.

Many pointed out that double trolleys aren’t always available – and parents can’t exactly leave young children at home while they nip to the shops!

An Aldi shopper moaned about kids in trolleys
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One commenter replied: “Sorry but as a twin mum, I often had no choice but to put one or both in the trolley where there were no double-seated or even single-seated trolleys.

“Thank goodness everyone was always very kind to me as they could clearly see I had few other options.

“Most of the time I did it because I was so worried about someone telling me off for my kids getting in their way if they were toddling alongside the trolley.

“And because I didn’t want them to get hurt if someone knocked into them whilst they were trying to walk (believe me this happens A LOT).”

“But hey if approaching other people and ruining their day because you’re worried about a ‘dirty’ trolley is what gets you off…”

Another urged: “Well take it up with the supermarket so they can provide better trolleys for parents instead of coming on here mum shaming.”

A third agreed: “I have a 2 and 3-year-old. Unless the 2-seater trolleys are available, my eldest is going in the trolley.

“Unless you want parents walking through the aisles at 2 miles an hour and kids running everywhere.”

And a fourth added: “You’ve clearly never been in charge of a toddler in a food shop. They’re feral. Poor mams are just trying to get out alive.”

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