Aldi slams Woolworths over Bricks ‘gimmick’ to entice customers

The German supermarket has issued a rare statement about rival supermarkets Woolworths and Coles, declaring one of their big tactics “pointless”.

Aldi has taken aim at Woolies over its latest collectable promotion, labelling it “pointless” as the German supermarket did not need “gimmicks” to entice customers into store.

It comes as Woolworths customers keen to get their hands on the Woolworths Bricks packs have complained about low stock, as well as extra items like the motorised Woolies trucks being now sold for exorbitant prices on eBay and Facebook.

Both Coles and Woolworths run frequent in-store promotions around collectibles, such as the Little Shop and Ooshies collections from previous years.

An Aldi spokesperson said it “set our own trends” and was “committed to providing shoppers with the best products at the best prices. No tricks. No gimmicks”.

“We don’t offer any kind of ‘collectable’ as a marketing tactic for a simple reason – it’s not Good Different and it doesn’t keep prices low,” they said.

“While collectables play a role driving increased sales for our competitors, Aldi. has won a spot in the hearts and back pockets of Aussie shoppers through one simple and consistent commitment – high quality products at competitively low prices.”

Aldi claimed its prices “will always beat out the large supermarkets” as their business model was “about simplicity, and passing on savings to consumers”.

“Aldi quirks like customers packing their own bags actually saves them money,” the spokesperson said. Between great value on everyday essentials, and the excitement that surrounds our Special Buys, we find this incentivises our customers to come back to us each week.

“We think gimmicks like collectables are pointless. We fundamentally believe that delivering the best prices is the ‘reward’ that matters most.”

Late last month Woolworths launched its Woolworths Bricks range, a Lego-like toy pack made from sustainable materials which can be assembled into a Woolies supermarket.

The range has proved so popular that several shoppers have complained their stores have run out, while some people are even reselling the Bricks trucks online at exorbitant prices.

Due to lockdown the Woolworths Bricks promotion in NSW and ACT started two weeks later than the rest of the country.

While a spokesman said stock of the Woolworths Bricks and starter kids “remain strong in all states and territories and will continue to flow to stores” there had been huge demand for the trucks.

It had prompted some shoppers to resell the trucks on Facebook Marketplace and eBay for as much as $120.

“Despite ordering more associated merchandise to accompany this collectibles program compared to previous years, we’ve found that demand for some items, including the replica electric powered Woolworths delivery truck has far exceeded our expectations,” a Woolworths spokesman old

“We apologise for any disappointment caused if customers find that the Woolworths Bricks delivery trucks have already sold out in their store or online, and thank customers for their patience if some stores are waiting to receive additional stock of Woolworths Bricks packs.”

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