Aldi’s New Emporium Cheese Collection Is Alcohol-Inspired After All

Do you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain? Apparently, Aldi does because their new summer cheese line has a booze-inspired twist.

We’ve got to be honest, the idea of cocktail-flavored cheese has us scratching our heads. But hey, we’re open-minded, as we are huge fans of both cheese and cocktails.

Here’s what we found out about Aldi’s new alcohol-inspired cheese collection.

Aldi’s New Emporium Cheese Collection

On August 25, Aldi is rolling out their new seasonal cheese collection in stores nationwide. The line features three flavors inspired by popular drinks, but they don’t actually contain any alcohol.

Instead, these Wensleydale cheeses are imported from England and have rich flavors packed into blocks. The flavors are Piña Colada, Espresso Martini, and Peach Bellini, and each six-ounce cheese block will cost you around $3.50 (depending on location).

What Is Wensleydale Cheese?

Before we get to the individual flavors, we should probably answer one question––what is Wensleydale cheese?

Wensleydale is a type of mild cheese made from cow’s and sheep’s milk that comes from the northern Pennines in Yorkshire, England. It has a strong, rich flavor and crumbly texture, which makes it perfect for pairing with sweet fruit like apples and figs.

It’s best to eat Wensleydale cheese at room temperature. According to, “It is the king of cheeseboard where its fresh, milky sweetness and robust flavors rule the roost.”

Piña Colada Cheese

Emporium Selection Piña Colada Cheese gives you a creamy, nutty Wensleydale flavor with a hint of pineapple. The key ingredients are Piña Colada coconut flavoring, diced pineapples, and diced peaches, which deliver a rich and tangy flavor.

This cheese can be served as a cocktail compliment or as a party appetizer, paper umbrella not included. It would also work well on a cheese board paired with crackers. I’m willing to bet that the crazy folks who eat pineapple on pizza would enjoy this new cheese flavor.

Peach Bellini Cheese

Get the party started with Emporium Selection Peach Bellini Cheese. This is a creamy, white Wensleydale that’s mixed with diced peaches, peach jam and infused with the flavors of prosecco wine.

The fruity flavor profile of the Peach Bellini Cheese isn’t overly sweet. The texture does change depending on the temperature. When it’s cold, this cheese is firm. Once it warms up past 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to become soft and moist.

Espresso Martini Cheese

Emporium Selection Espresso Martini Cheese is also a creamy, white Wensleydale. But this one’s been mixed with a dash of espresso-coated coffee beans and natural espresso flavor. This cheese has a sweet and chocolatey coffee scent, which makes it a top candidate for your next dessert charcuterie board.

These new Aldi Emporium Selection cheeses won’t be around for long because they are seasonal. If you dare, go out and try them while you can.


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