‘Alien Abduction’ Sign Appears in Small Town, Sparking Curiousity

A message about UFOs is raising eyebrows in a small town in the U.K., possibly asking more questions than it answers. A photo taken in Sedgley, England has gone viral showing a wooden sign apparently erected anonymously in a public place. It reads: “3 alien abductions here in one week!! When are the council going to do something?”

The sign showed up in front of a public walking path in Sedgley back in June, according to a report by Lad Bible. It made of painted wood, mostly black-on-white lettering but with the word “to” confusingly painted red instead. Of course, that’s the least of this sign’s mysteries — many commenters are questioning the evidence of these abduction claims and what exactly the sign-maker thinks a small town council can do about it. These questions have preoccupied both legitimate UFO enthusiasts and skeptics ever since.

Local authorities told reporters that they intend to remove the sign — which obviously led to half-sarcastic comments about a “cover-up.” UFO and UAP enthusiasts do generally cite the West Midlands as a hotspot for mysterious activity, and reports of sightings and abductions around Sedgley go back years.

Still, no reports about the sign are accompanied by accounts of recent abductions — credible or otherwise. Some social media users suspect that the sign itself is the nefarious work of extra-terrestrials. Scroll down for a look at what they are saying.


UFO enthusiasts were quick to volunteer for alien abductions, eager to learn more about these mysterious phenomena.

Others joked about the grammar or composition of the sign, questioning the wisdom and resolve of its maker.


Some thought that the sign was the seed of a good idea for a TV show or movie. A few even said they would be pursuing it personally.

Other Side

A few commenters suggested that the sign-maker would be better off appealing to the aliens’ council than the human one, arguing that it would have more power in this scenario anyway.

British X-Files

X-Files fans were quick to envision a version of the show set in small-town England, with fantastic results.


Some questioned the red lettering on the word “to,” guessing that it was a mistake and that the word “do” was supposed to be emphasized. Others laughed at the absurdity of questioning this small part of an altogether bizarre sign.


Finally, some users suggested that the sign-maker should have made it easier for themself to change the number at the beginning of the sign in case more abductions are on the way.

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