Alien-like creature with no eyes, ears or mouth stuns divers after it’s caught on camera

A bizarre tube-like creature with no eyes, ears or mouth has been compared to a sci-fi monster after it shocked a group of divers.

Lukas Ostertag, from Heidelberg, Germany, was one of those who encountered the freaky seabeast on Sataya Reef, off the coast of Egypt.

He said: “Its appearance was a long square rubber pipe-like thing with a pointy end. It looked like nothing I’ve seen before.

“It definitely was super strange as it seemed to move on its own and nobody knew what it was.”

“We guessed it to be some kind of polyp or some other strange sea animal.

“It didn’t really resemble anything I knew. People in other groups guessed it to be a worm, some kind of plant, one thought it might be a jellyfish.”

Some divers thought the creature was a worm or a jellyfish

Looking for answers, Lukas shared his photos with an online group dedicated to identifying marine animals. They seemed to share his confusion.

One person wrote: “Wow this thing is a puzzler. I could see it being a siphonophore, soft coral, pyrosome, maybe nemertean, or jellyfish arm.

“I’m stumped!”

Another commented: “Looks like a nemertean – ribbon worm, but the jellyfish part is possible as well.”

In the end Lukas received an answer to the mystery when footage emerged from another group that had been diving the same reef. The specific species is thought to be the Thysanostoma loriferum, a family of jellyfish.

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The creature is thought to be a Thysanostoma loriferum jellyfish
The creature is thought to be a Thysanostoma loriferum, a species of jellyfish

He said: “In the end we figured out it was from a jellyfish as another dive group the same day made a video.

“The thing we saw was the leftover arms of the jellyfish, probably after being devoured by a sea turtle.

“I guess in the end the arms were still moving a bit because the jellyfish was not eaten long ago.”

Lukas added: “It was fun figuring out what this thing was and I spent quite a while.

“I never had been so clueless what a sea animal could be and that we found out it was a jellyfish was pure luck.”


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