“All I want to do now is concentrate on winning the championship.”


James Harden is widely regarded as one of the best scorers in the modern game.

His brilliant offensive prowess and fantastic step-back three have elevated him to one of the league’s most dangerous players. Harden joined the Brooklyn Nets before the 2020-21 season after 8 years with the Houston Rockets.

He had a strong regular season with them, but injuries kept him from performing at his best during the playoffs. Harden has the option of extending his contract with the Brooklyn Nets, which he is due for this season, but he has chosen to put it on hold in order to focus on winning the championship. The 9-time All-Star told ESPN’s Malika Andrews about his contract extension situation:

“In the course of my career, I’ve never been a free agent before.” All I want to do is take my time with it. Leaving here, or even leaving Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving, will be extremely difficult. I believe that this season, I should concentrate solely on winning the championship, and everything else will fall into place. “I’m just taking my time with it,” James Harden said of his contract extension. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been a free agent in my career… I think this season I just want to concentrate on winning the championship.

Full @SportsCenter conversation:

James Harden on his contract extension, in part: “I’m just taking my time with it..” You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been a free agent in my career… I think this season I just want to concentrate on winning the championship. ”

The Brooklyn Nets have arguably assembled one of the best offensive trios in the history of the game. They have a combined 27 All-Star appearances and are unquestionably experts in their field. Due to injuries, they had very little time to plаy together lаst seаson. However, for the brief time the three were on the court together, the Brooklyn Nets аppeаred to be unstoppаble. Jаmes Hаrden sаid in аn interview lаst yeаr thаt аny time the trio shаred the floor, it would be а scаry hour for the opposition. Jаmes Hаrden sаid of the teаm’s mindset heаding into the 2021-22 seаson:

“It’s the same mindset, you just get a whole year of it.” Kevin was out, I was out, and Kyrie was out last year. The lineup has changed a lot over the course of the year. You now have a full roster and a full year of terrifying hours ahead of you. Despite limited playing time for their Big 3, the Brooklyn Nets finished second in the stacked Eastern Conference. This season, however, the team appears to be on a mission. They’ve bolstered their roster with the additions of Patty Mills, LaMarcus Aldrige, and Paul Millsap. Despite its firepower, the team must stay healthy in order to compete for the championship. The Brooklyn Nets appear to be the favorites to win the championship if everything goes well and injuries don’t interfere with their season.



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