All the things you didn’t know about Primark but will change how you shop

WE all love getting a bargain when shopping and Primark is one of the best places to go if you’re looking to save some cash and pick up some fashionable deals. 

Luckily former Primark employees have been taking to social media to share some of the store’s best-kept secrets and insider knowledge.


Primark workers get to buy things earlierCredit: @beelouisex/Tiktok

Whether it’s discovering the best time to shop to get the best bargains or figuring out how to get a discount, these tips will change the way you shop in Primark. 


Bryony Louise revealed her favourite perk of working at Primark – and it might change the way you shop. 

On her Tiktok channel, Bryony revealed she gets to buy discounted items two days before they open with the discount in-store. 

Six different Primark bags filled with clothes can be seen in her video.

One user commented: “It’s only fair that Primark staff get the first shop…after all they’re going to be so busy and probably won’t have their own time to look about.”

10% OFF

Poleigh Soper is just one former employee who shares her inside tips of the bargain fashion store with her 72,000 followers on TikTok.

In one video, she revealed that customers can get a discount on dirty or damaged products.

She said: “If you’ve got a slight bit of dirt or damage on an item and they don’t have any more of them in your size, take it to the till.

“If you’re still happy to buy it that’s 10 per cent off.” 


Elsewhere Aimee, 28, who previously worked in an Essex Primark store, advised fellow shoppers to look at the sale rails to avoid paying full price.

The former retail operative, who began working in Primark in 2013, said sale rails and ‘odd items’ are the best places to start to avoid paying full price. 

 The 28-year-old said: “Look at the items at the back of the store. 

“There may be odd items behind other clothing which are usually old stock. Older stock is the stuff that is more likely to be reduced. 

“I never usually bought anything full price as I couldn’t afford it so I always looked on sale rails and checked the odd items I could find.”


Last year university student Georgia Ponton, 20, revealed that Primark staff often know what items are going to be reduced and put in the sales. 

The former worker encouraged customers to ask staff if items are going to be reduced – to avoid paying full price. 

Georgia said: “Since staff have to be prepared for the upcoming sales, like Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, they might be given a piece of paper with all the things in their department that are going on sale.

“If you like something but think that it could be going out of season or there aren’t many left, ask a supervisor or manager.

“If it’s going on sale soon, and they should be able to tell you, then you can decide whether to buy it then or come back.”


If a piece of clothing you love in Primark is sold out in your size, there’s something you might be able to do that you probably didn’t know about.

Ex Primark employee Georgia Pontin, who previously went viral for her tips and tricks on shopping in the store, revealed how you can still get your hands on coveted sold-out items.

In a post on TikTok, Georgia said: “If you find something that you really like but they don’t have your size in stock at one store, then you can ask one of the members of staff to call another store and see if they have it.

“Obviously you would have to go pick it up, they won’t deliver it to the store.

“There’s no guarantee that a staff member is going to do it for you, but it’s always best to check if you really, really want this product.”


Another former Primark employee Gemma, 30, from Birmingham, shared the best time to get new stock.

She revealed the best time would be when Primark first opens in the morning or an hour or two before it closes in the evening. 

She said: “I started working in Primark when I was 18 and I worked there for seven (long) years.

“I would say the best time to shop is when they first open or an hour before they close. It really depends on what stock comes in as every day is different.

“When I worked there, it totally depended on what stock came in that day but usually, shopping first thing was best.” 

Staff member reveals the secrets to the best bargains in Primark


Staff member reveals the secrets to the best bargains in PrimarkCredit: Alamy
See the Primark secrets to grab your bargains


See the Primark secrets to grab your bargainsCredit: Alamy


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