All You Need to About Netflix’s Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!

From spit takes to the Wilhelm scream, Netflix’s Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! examines the most common – and sometimes annoying – clichés in feature films. Rob Lowe (9-1-1: Lone Star) hosts the one-time special which features actors, writers, and film critics discussing examples of Hollywood’s habit of repeating itself.

Among the celebs who join Lowe in the special will be Andie Macdowell, Andrew Garfield, Florence Pugh, John August, Mark Strong, Richard E. Grant, Robert Englund, and The Lucas Brothers.

Rob Lowe, Jon Petrie, Charlie Brooker, and Annabel Jones executive produce, with producer Sean Doherty, Alice Mathias, and Ricky Kelehar serving as directors. Dane Baptiste, Sean Doherty, Erika Ehler, Jason Hazeley, Daniel Maier, Michael Odewale, and Charlie Skelton are the writers and Ben Caudell is the head writer. Netflix will launch the special on September 28, 2021.

Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! is a one-off special featuring some of the most famous films in cinematic history along with a plethora of Hollywood A-Listers, Screenwriters, Academics and Critics as they guide us through the funny, weird and controversial clichés which appear on our cinema screens.

Posed in a classic crisp suit, Rob Lowe invites viewers to examine the Hollywood clichés filmmakers can’t help but use, time and time again. With the help of the experts, Attack of the Hollywood Clichés analyses the origins and evolutions of everything from ‘The Ticking Time Bomb’, to the ‘Meet-Cute’, and ‘Females Running in Stilettos’ – there’s also a ‘Wilhelm Scream’ montage for real movie buffs.”


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