Alysia Rogers AKA Shanice from ‘Boyz N the Hood’ Looks Impeccable at 46 & Has a Look-Alike Daughter

Alysia Rogers, famous for her role in “Boyz N the Hood,” has managed to keep her youthful look despite being a 46-year-old lady. She also has a daughter who shares similar features with her.

Alysia Rogers is a talented entertainer who thrived in the 90s. Although she was never a regular face on TV, when she featured in productions, it made the news, owing to her skilfulness and adorable appearance.

It has been a while since she worked on any famous project, as she took a break for about two decades to improve on other aspects of her life.

Alysia Rogers as “Shanice” in a scene from the movie, “Boyz N the Hood” | Photo: Youtube/Movieclips

Still, she maintains relevance owing to her works away from the screens and has amassed a wide range of fans (from Facebook to Instagram,) who remain loyal.

These fans have the privilege of viewing a few details about her lifestyle, and in return, she reaches out to them. In 2017, the actress stunned fans with a car selfie where she displayed her enviable looks and added a caption that read:

“I appreciate everyone who has crossed my path. Good or Bad there was a reason.#gratitude.”


Rogers is a native of Milledgeville, Georgia, where she lived while growing up. Other information concerning her early years and family life remains a mystery, but fans know that one of their favorite celebrities now resides in Los Angeles.

Rogers was the lady who stole the hearts of many in John Singleton’s “Boyz N the Hood.” But, after the film, she took a break and became dedicated to educating people on environmental care and hazards.

Her passion as an environmentalist drives the actress to involve in some charitable deeds that have seen her giving back to the black community.

That’s not all, as far as Rogers is concerned, making her community a healthy and safe place is a task that must be accomplished. She often gives speeches and has discussions centered on gang violence in the hood by working with a Gang Violence Foundation.


During her prime in the world of movies, the actress looked amazingly gorgeous, with a perfect physique. Surprisingly, she has been able to retain her beauty even at age 46, and as a mother of one.

Rogers is not married, but she has a young daughter; online the 46-year-old flaunts her youthful looks and her mini-me’s beauty. Both women have similar striking features and posts on Facebook reveals that they are best buddies who sometimes goof around.

The environmentalist is also a supportive mother and enjoys being present for her child. When her daughter graduated, she was joined by the girl’s father.

The doting parents posed beside their child, wearing proud looks on their faces. Their daughter wore a graduation gown and carried a bouquet.


Rogers ventured into acting in 1989 after she finished her studies. However, the major break came in 1991, when she starred alongside other entertainers like Ice-Cube, Morris Chesnut, and Nia Long in “Boyz N the Hood.”

The following year, she played the role of Damita in the film “Class Act,”; at the same time, she was featured in a few short films and documentaries. However, in 2000, after appearing in “Before Now,” the onscreen star disappeared from the movie world.

In 2020, the “Boyz N the Hood” star surprised fans with an epic comeback by producing a film titled “Beyond Merritt,” and taking on the lead role.

This movie focused on a true-life story, with its theme centered on the harsh realities of single parenting, drug addiction, and poverty.

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