Amal Clooney Warning George About Parties With Brad Pitt?

George Clooney and Brad Pitt are reuniting on the big screen, and almost everyone in Hollywood is excited about the duo working together. However, the one person that’s not thrilled about the prospect is Clooney’s wife, Amal, one outlet claims. Gossip Cop has all the facts to uncover the truth behind this story. 

Amal Hesitant About George And Brad Pitt Working Together?

According to New Idea, the idea of George and Pitt working together on a new movie is leaving Amal worried. An insider admits, “Amal has a fair point” when it comes to fears that the two will lead each other astray like they did back in the day. For several years, George and Pitt’s friendship was nonexistent because the two grew distant, an insider leaks, noting that George and Angelina Jolie “never saw eye to eye, which drove a wedge between the two friends.” 

According to friends close to the Clooneys, Amal “is doing her best to not make the same mistakes Angelina did” with Pitt. However, Amal allegedly “knows” George and Pitt are “going to get up to mischief” because Pitt’s single now. Despite her concerns, Amal “also wants George to be happy” because “it’s good for her” and their kids. According to the source, Amal “would prefer Brad be married,” but she’s relying on George “to not be the one who leads him astray.” 

Should Amal Worry About George And Brad Pitt?

While New Idea was correct in saying George and Pitt will be working together again, Gossip Cop doesn’t believe for a second the duo is getting shamed by Amal. First off, George is 60, and Pitt is 57. The men are grown adults and don’t act like they did when they were in their 20s. To say Amal is “concerned” and wants her husband to essentially babysit Pitt because he’s single is hard to believe. 

Also, it’s obvious New Idea doesn’t really know what’s going on in the Clooneys lives. Last October, the tabloid said Amal and George were on the verge of divorce. By this July, it instead claimed the Clooneys were having another baby and happier than ever. The stories were both false, making the most recent narrative even more difficult to believe. 

The Obsession With The Clooneys 

For some reason, the tabloids love to pitch the idea that George and Amal Clooney are always wrapped up in drama or experiencing marital issues. Even in the happy times, the rumors persist. One tabloid even claimed George dumped Amal during their fifth wedding anniversary. It was almost too easy for Gossip Cop to debunk this story, as the couple was simply having dinner with friends. There was no drama, and the Clooneys were still together then and obviously still are today. 


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