Amanda Garcia reveals emotional moment she had with rookie castmate in Season 37

Amanda Garcia spoke about an emotional moment on The Challenge: Aftermath. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 10 was an emotional one for veteran castmate Amanda Garcia.

In one scene, she was reminded of her son she left at home to be on the show, and in another, she was getting choked up over her best friend possibly going home for the season.

However, Amanda revealed an unaired moment occurred with her and a rookie castmate ahead of the episode’s elimination event.

Season 37, Episode 10 featured emotional moments for Amanda

The Challenge Season 37, Episode 10 featured an early scene with Amanda Garcia on a video call with her friend as she was watching Amanda’s son, Avonni.

Amanda became teary and choked up in a confessional interview with that scene, mentioning that she had her son and then the pandemic hit. Amanda indicated she was working as a nurse in the time she’d been away from The Challenge.

“I was on the frontline, you know, risking my family. It’s just been really hard to do it on my own,” Amanda said.

She also mentioned at that moment that she questioned if she made the right choice in leaving her son to return to compete on The Challenge. However, her friend reminded her during their video call that Amanda was there to try to win the money for her and her son.

“I know that money can’t buy happiness, but it’ll help me spend more time with my son. It’ll help me give him the life that I think he deserves,” Amanda said in her confessional.

Later in the episode, Amanda’s emotions were tested again, as Priscilla Anyabu called Amanda’s best friend, Ashley Mitchell, down as an elimination opponent.

The two-time champion was eliminated twice in the Double Agents season, but she had Amanda in the stands rooting for her this time. Not only that, but many other veteran competitors were helping Ashley by yelling out the proper color sequence she needed to win the elimination.

Once Ashley was officially declared winner, nobody was cheering louder than Amanda, who had previously mentioned she didn’t know what she’d do without Ashley there.

“I am so happy my best friend is back. I know this means a lot to her because to finally have the friendships, the alliances, the people rooting for her. I know this is a big moment for her, and I couldn’t be more happy,” Amanda revealed in her confessional.

Amanda reveals rookie’s emotional moment with her

In addition to the two moments above, Amanda shared details of another emotional moment prior to that elimination in Episode 10.

During The Challenge: Aftermath show following the episode, host Devyn Simone asked Amanda if she was worried she might get chosen to go against Priscilla Anyabu in the elimination.

Amanda told Devyn that she thought she was “100 percent going in” but then ended up having a conversation with Priscilla ahead of elimination because Nelson suggested Ashley talk to her.

“Like me and Priscilla got along, but we were never like close like that, and I hate like kissing up to not go in, you know? It’s like a weird position to be in,” Ashley said.

However, she said when she went to have a quick chat with Priscilla that night about who she might want to face in elimination, the rookie stopped her then and there.

“She was just like, ‘I just want to let you know, I’m not going to pick you.’ It was really emotional for me because Priscilla was actually raised by a single mom, and she knows that I’m a single mom. So she was like, ‘I respect you for being a single mom. Like, I feel like you deserve to be here, so I’m not gonna pick you,’” Amanda shared.

“Like she’s such a good person. I got so emotional with her, and then she kind of started like- we cried together a little bit,” she revealed.

Amanda went on to say once they all got to the elimination, she started to question if Priscilla would stand by what she told her since there was still a million dollars on the line. However, Priscilla honored what she said by not calling Amanda in as her opponent.

Instead, she called out Amanda’s friend, Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell, who was ready for battle at The Lair and picked up another elimination win.

While Priscilla’s The Challenge rookie season ended there, it seems she likely built some lasting friendships outside of the show and will be a strong competitor fans see in a future season if she decides to return.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.


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