Amateur tattoo artist shares first inking and cruel trolls tell her to quit immediately

An aspiring tattoo artist was bombarded with cruel comments from viewers slamming first inking on her volunteer after sharing a video to TikTok.

Samantha has a vision to become a tattoo artist and has been practising on herself before she attempts to start her new career.

In July, she shared her first inking on her friend and confessed: “I have to say it’s not bad for my first time tattooing on someone other than myself. I was nervous.”

She reveals the pattern which she tattooed on a woman’s back was a minimalist outline of a woman’s face which featured a rose over one eye.

Samantha said this is the first tattoo she ever did on someone else

But, even though it seemed a pretty good effort for a first attempt, Samantha was flooded with negative comments.

One said: “The longer you look at it, the worse it gets.”

A second wrote: “It’s giving me B&M bargains wall decor.”

“You should pick another profession,” someone else commented while a fourth added: “Hopefully it’s your last too.”

But others were more constructive, giving suggestions to Samantha to help hone her drawing skills.

The 'minimalist' design got everyone talking as they noticed the rough line work and bad drawing skills
The ‘minimalist’ design got everyone talking as they noticed the rough line work and bad drawing skills

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“I honestly think a great place to start is henna. It’s temporary, you’ll get line work practice and drawing practice. I think it would be a good start,” a viewer remarked.

Samantha hit back at the negative comments and shared some drawings that she has been practising on a sketchbook, which included flowers, Disney characters, and other common tattoo designs.

She also said: “I don’t trace it, I do look at a picture and draw it and most of those were drawing with a pen, no pencil. Mistakes will be made.

“Anyone can do anything. With the right people around you to correctly criticise your work, not just being hateful. It goes a long way.”


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