Amazing hack leaves baseboards cleaner than ever

RAISE your hand if you’ve tried to clean your baseboards with a broom or a mop – and it’s just no good.

Well, this cleaning fan revealed that she uses dryer sheets to clean her baseboards seamlessly.

A woman used a dryer sheet to clean her baseboards

She claimed the anti-static technology helped repel dust and dirt for longer


She claimed the anti-static technology helped repel dust and dirt for longer.

Taking to social media, a woman who goes by the name of Morgan on TikTok revealed: “You didn’t know this cleaning hack, but dryer sheets have a ton of purposes, but my favorite is cleaning the baseboards with them.

“Not only do they attract the debris and dust that’s already on your baseboards, but they work long after as well.”

She explained the dryer sheets’ long-standing effects as she wiped the baseboards with them: “The dryer sheet will coat the baseboard with anti-static residue, which helps repel pet hair, dust, dirt, and debris and makes your life a heck of a lot easier because it means you have to clean those baseboards a lot less!”

Plenty of people took to the comment section to reveal even more uses for dryer sheets, with one person saying they use them to clean stainless steel appliances, and a second said they work equally as good for curtain blinds.

Others added that they clean their cars, which are particularly tricky to dust on the inside, and ceiling fans make dusting highly unpleasant.

A third one even claimed that if you put a dryer sheet on the collar of your shirt, it will repel mosquitos and bugs – which is perfect as the summer heat keeps going.

Previously, another woman had told The Sun that she uses dryer sheets to keep her sofa smelling amazing.

After removing all of the sofa cushions, spray an odor neutralizer, like Febreze, on the sofa’s base.

Then place a dryer sheet inside each cushion to keep them smelling super fresh.

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