Amazing Lawson Bates Puts Children First

Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates is all about helping others, and he’s always looking for another opportunity to make a difference. He’s currently in Haiti, as we previously reported.

Fans may know that the Bates and Duggar kids are a part of Medic Corps, which is a non-profit organization. Medic Corps steps up when natural disasters hit.

So, when an earthquake hit Haiti on August 14, several of the Duggar and Bates sons went to help out with the rest of the Medic Corps team. Since they’ve been hard at work, the kids haven’t posted on social media, but the Medic Corps Instagram page has been sharing updates.

Now, Lawson finally had a chance to share an update with his social media followers.

Lawson Bates Instagram

Lawson Bates pitches in to help.

In a new Instagram post, Lawson gives his social media followers an update. He shared a series of photos and videos from his time in Haiti.

In his caption, he wrote, “We’ve had a rescue team on the ground, and in the air, in Haiti for the past week helping facilitate emergency medical evacuations for hundreds of critical victims. On 8/14 a magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook the country killing 1,400+ people and injuring thousands more.”

He added, “The pain and devastation is absolutely heartbreaking. Many precious people are still in desperate need of urgent help. Basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter are also becoming a huge issue.”

Lawson Bates Instagram
Lawson Bates Instagram
Lawson Bates Instagram
Lawson Bates Instagram

At the end of his post, Lawson said that there is still more work to be done by the rescue groups involved.  He also gave fans the opportunity to donate on the Medic Corps website.

Bringing Up Bates fans are thanking Lawson for this update and for all of the hard work he’s doing to help out. Lawson’s mom, Kelly Jo Bates, writes, “I couldn’t be more proud of y’all! My heart aches for these poor families!!!! Thank y’all for your ministry there.”

Lawson’s other followers and family members are leaving similar comments and sending encouraging words to him.

Hopefully, Lawson will share another post soon when he has the chance. For now, he’s focusing on the people who need his help.

So, what do you think of Lawson Bates’ latest post? Have you been keeping up with the Duggars and Bates while they’re in Haiti? Let us know in the comments below.

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