Amazon driver makes deliveries during tornado in viral TikTok

Come rain or shine, there are always Amazon parcels to deliver.

The dedication of employees, under what are rumoured to be often tough conditions, is already well known, but one worker was apparently so determined to get their task done that not even a natural disaster could put them off.

The van driver was filmed apparently dropping off packages despite a swirling column of air lurking in the near distance.

TikTok user Antonio (@ajp18588) posted the footage on his account, showing the driver going about his business in Sycamore, Illinois, as the beginnings of what appear to be a tornado loom ominously overhead.

The clip begins with a look at the angry grey skies before the camera pans round to the quiet neighbourhood through which the Amazon van calmly drives. It’s almost as if there isn’t an impending storm on the horizon…

In the comments section Antonio explained just how closeby the tornado really was, saying: “[It] was about 5-10 miles off in that direction but if there weren’t trees, you could see it!”

In a dig at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos the TikToker added in a caption to the clip: “Jeff B running a tight ship.”

The video has racked up more than 1.5 million views, 190,000 likes and thousands of comments since it was posted last month, largely from users discussing the working conditions of Amazon employees.

“When they say one-day delivery they mean it,” one wrote.

“I would’ve preferred for my package to be late that [sic] someone risking their life in a tornado,” remarked another.

“Whatever the order is, it could have waited,” a third stressed.

While a fourth commented: “I would’ve invited him in and tell him there’s a tornado it’s not safe to be outside right now.”

The exact date on which the video was recorded is unclear, but it was most likely filmed in early August.

On August 10, there were news reports of a tornado moving through Illinois, with one video published by NBC Chicago offering a clear image of the twister passing through the Sycamore area.

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