Amber Borzotra explains why she didn’t face her rival in elimination

The Challenge star Amber Borzotra at Spies, Lies & Allies elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies featured returning champion Amber Borzotra arriving late to the party and instantly becoming a target for several of her castmates.

After coming in with a grand entrance in Episode 2, she found herself facing elimination in Episode 4, in what she referred to as a “blindside” by her ally Fessy Shafaat.

Amber would survive that rival’s attempt to get her out of the game but then faced several more rivals, including rookies Esther Agunbiade and Berna Canbeldek.

In Episode 8, she seemed intent on getting rid of Berna herself, but then it appeared based on footage she backed out of it. Just recently, she explained what happened and why she didn’t end up trying to eliminate her.

Amber said she wanted to face rival in elimination

During Season 37, Episode 8, Amber began talking to Big Brother allies Josh Martinez and Kaycee Clark at the club about her plan to have The Agency send her into elimination so she could take out her rival Berna.

Both Josh and Kaycee advised Amber to sleep on that and decide the next day if that was really what she wanted. Kaycee said in confessional Amber is probably all talk.

When deliberation arrived, Berna and Amber got into it as they explained why they didn’t like one another. Rookie Priscilla Anyabu also spoke up and said she heard rumors Amber might want to go into elimination. However, Amber seemed to be shaky on doing it when confronted.

When the cast got to The Lair, Berna and her teammate Hughie Maughan went down as the Compromised Agents. The daily challenge winners, CT Tamburello and Emy Alupei chose Priscilla and Jeremiah White as their opponents.

Priscilla and Jeremiah got the job done as they won the elimination, getting rid of Amber’s rival Berna and fellow rookie Hughie.

The Challenge vets had Amber’s back

So did Amber back out of elimination, or was it something else? According to the champ herself, it was due to her teammate from the Double Agents final, CT Tamburello.

In a tweet on Saturday, October 2, she explained that CT advised her it wouldn’t be good for her game. In addition, Amber’s Season 37 teammate for the past several episodes, Devin Walker, told her they’d find someone else to take out Berna instead.

“It’s the things you don’t see people,” Amber explained in her tweet, suggesting that several conversations got left out of the episode’s final footage.

the challenge amber borzotra tweets about season 37 episode 8 elimination
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Twitter

Instead of Amber going in to eliminate Berna, Priscilla and Jeremiah did the work for her. That also allowed Priscilla to make her game-changing move, which will set up interesting deliberations going forward. The preview for Episode 9 already seems to set the stage for a few vets at odds.

With all that said, it seems if The Challenge production were planning a fourth season with a Rivals theme to it, Amber has more than a few options on the list of castmates.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.


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