Amelia Hamlin Reads A Book In Her Lingerie, Gets Hate On Social Media

If anyone can look smoking hot while reading a book, it is Scott Disick’s girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin. On Sunday, August 15, the brunette beauty gave her 1 million Instagram followers a treat when she uploaded two smoking snapshots that featured her looking super-sexy — and studious — in a set of skimpy underwear.

Studious & Sexy


Amelia’s post captured her sitting on a wooden chair facing the camera. She wore a set of lingerie in a pink color that flattered her skin tone. It had an animal-print design. The bra dipped low on her ample chest, and it revealed plenty of cleavage. The mid-rise panties, on the other hand, looked like they were made of semi-sheer fabric. Although, the color of the piece helped obscure the necessary bits.

An Interesting Choice Of Book

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Amelia held a book entitled The Allure of Women by François Baudot in her hands. While her fans might have been interested in the book she was reading, their eyes no doubt would have been drawn to her voluptuous bust and the curve of her slender hips as they attempted to read the book cover and view its pictures of iconic personalities.

In the first photo, she held the book up, covering her face. Notably, she sat with her thighs closed to hide her nethers, especially that her underwear was slightly see-through. The influencer daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna with actor Harry Hamlin lowered the hardcover, letting it rest on her lap as she sported a serious expression on her face while tilting her head to the side.

Spicing Up Her Barely-There Outfit

Amelia wore her hair down and straight as she let the long strands fall over her shoulders with the ends grazing her breasts, reaching her flat midsection. Her makeup application included subtle eyeshadow, thick lashes, and light contour on her cheekbones. She wore a coral shade on her lips and a clear polish on her nails.

The 20-year-old social media sensation rocked her favorite arm candy that included a gold bangle and several silver-colored bracelets. She also sported a chunky gold watch and her tennis necklace.

Amelia mentioned the book’s title in the caption and revealed that the lingerie came from online retailer Boux Avenue by tagging their Instagram page. She also tagged the label again in the photos to make sure her viewers wouldn’t miss the small, yet very important detail about her set.

She Got Social Media Hate

The post was a hit, racking up over 10,800 likes within 7 hours of going live. Several well-known personalities adored the new upload.

“This is genius,” Amelia’s mom, Lisa Rinna, commented.

“Wow! You’re so stunning,” wrote another follower.

However, several Instagram users were not pleased with her lingerie post.

“ Oh get some clothes on in at least one post. Sad,” one of them noted.

“ Even the Victoria Secret models don’t hang in their undies as much as you do …this won’t hold THE LORD …smile and get dressed,” stated another.

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