Amelia Hamlin Tells Scott Disick To Propose Or They’re Over?

side by side photos of Amelia Hamlin in a white dress and Scott Disick in a grey sweater

Is Amelia Hamlin forcing Scott Disick to put a ring on it? One report says the 20-year-old model has set an ultimatum. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Amelia Issues Scott An Ultimatum’

According to Life & Style, Hamlin is threatening to end her relationship with Disick unless he proposes. Though the two have only dated for nine months, Hamlin is reportedly quite determined to get married. She’s even apparently been dropping hints on Instagram in the form of her mother, Lisa Rinna’s wedding dress.

An insider says, “Amelia gets so mad when her mom and others say that her and Scott’s romance won’t last.” The ultimatum will prove to Rinna and the world that the relationship is real, they explain. “She really needs him to prove it, pronto,” the insider concludes.

Even Lisa Rinna Feels Conflicted

Disick and Hamlin have turned tabloid heads for two reasons. One being Disick’s proximity to the Kardashians, and the other being the 18-year age difference. There’s no consensus among the rags, however. Star claimed Rinna was thrilled by the romance, while OK! She reported she would stage an intervention for her daughter. These tabloids share an owner with the outlet in question, so it’s tough to take any of them seriously because of the disparate claims.

Like the most public, Rinna isn’t quite sure what to make of her daughter’s romance. During a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she sounded nervous about the whole thing. However, she did say she felt it could just be a phase and wasn’t thrilled about becoming a grandmother of three. While it’s true that Rinna doesn’t love the romance, that hardly means the whole story is true.

Are Scott Disick And Amelia Hamlin Engaged?

Gossip Cop could find zero stories corroborating this outlandish claim. Disick and Hamlin are still dating. Disick proved his love not with an engagement ring but with a pricey necklace. The age gap is not bothering them, and there’s no sign of major drama. They’re just two folks in the throes of romance, so we can’t buy the ultimatum story.

Back in 2017, this tabloid promised that Disick would write a Kardashian tell-all, but that never happened. It also believed Disick was trying to date Kylie Jenner, which is just absurd. However, it did break the story about Kourtney Kardashian dating Travis Barker… about three years before they started dating.

These crummy stories add up, and it’s obvious that Life & Style has no real insight into Disick’s life. He and Hamlin are pleased together, but you shouldn’t expect such a hasty engagement. With no evidence to back it up, this story must be false.

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