American asks if Brits really drink tea in the evenings – and people are divided

Apparently, Brits can be baffling to people living in other parts of the world.

Previously, an American aired concerns that we spend so much time down the pub.

And now, a Redditor shared their confusion that people in the UK drink cups of tea in the evening.

They asked Reddit: “Do Brits really drink tea during the evening or at nights?

“Whenever I watch a British TV show or a movie there’s always someone making tea really late.

“Since it contains caffeine, I can’t wrap my mind around it. I know people react differently to caffeine or have developed a tolerance, but it still seems off.”

Do Brits really drink tea in the evening? Redditors were divided on the question

They added: “Surely not all or at least most of the British are so used to tea they can drink it any time of the day and still sleep normally?

“So is this just a distorted portrayal or do you guys really drink tea at night?”

The post garnered more than 4,800 upvotes – and many believe it isn’t weird to enjoy a brew after 6pm.

One commenter said: “Tea (is) less potent so it doesn’t wire you up.

“Saying that, yes I do drink tea at all times of the day/night. Oddly, even after a night out on the drink.”

Another agreed: “The post-night out brew is a classic.”

Cup of tea
Who doesn’t like a nice cuppa?

A third said: “Nowt like a classic 6am post town cuppa while you’re sat in a shame induced cold sweat trying to figure out how you got home.”

And a third added: “Tea has the wonderful property of waking you up when you’re tired, winding you down when you’re awake, calming the nerves when you’re stressed, or helping you get psyched.

“A friend of mine once called tea the ‘Room of Requirement in a cup’ cos it always gives you exactly what you need.”

Others disagreed though – admitting they can’t handle caffeine before they go to bed.

One commenter said: “Tea makes me run up the walls, especially at night. I feel it affects me oftentimes more than coffee does.”

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