American man on TikTok divides opinion with reviews of British snacks and meals

An American man has gone viral on TikTok for his honest takes on much-loved British snack foods.

TikTokker AJ Slambino is originally from the American city of Atlanta, Georgia and has amassed over 123,000 followers on the social media site with his reviews of snacks from the UK.

His videos have seen him review everything from Lucozade and Galaxy Ripples to a jacket potato with beans and cheese.

Among some of his favourites are a Cadbury’s Boost, which he described as “absolutely amazing”. He was also a fan of Ferrero Rocher, saying, “this is like love!”.

But, AJ was much more ruthless when trying the British classic Branston pickle, which made him wretch when smelling it. He called it the “worst smell ever” but persevered in trying it, but to no avail as he spat it out almost immediately.

One person told him he needed to use proper cheddar and not the “plastic orangey American stuff”. Someone else told him they were “afraid we can no longer let you come to Britain now, ever”.

Wine gums fared slightly better, though AJ remarked they might pull his teeth out despite their lovely flavour. Fruit Pastilles were described as “sugary goodness right here”.

AJ took some heat for comparing the nation’s beloved Hobnobs biscuits to “‘sawdust”, but he had missed the crucial step of dipping it in a nice cup of tea first.

But, he was a fan of the Double Decker chocolate bar, saying: “That is superior. That is an amazing, amazing chocolate bar.”

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