American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe & brother Rob shock late store owner’s sons as he reveals dusty old signs are worth $10K

MIKE Wolfe and his brother Rob shocked West Virginian brothers when they found dusty old soda shop signs underneath a house worth a whopping $10k.

American Pickers has recently received backlash for their “fake acting” since favored host Frank Fritz was fired.


Mike and Rob discovered old soda shop signs in West VirginiaCredit: History Channel
The artifacts were owned by two brothers who's family had local businesses in town


The artifacts were owned by two brothers who’s family had local businesses in townCredit: History Channel

Mike, 57, and his brother Rob, 61, shocked other brothers Doug and Dean when they went digging underneath their old Mt. Hope, West Virginia home.

In the basement underneath the property, the show host discovered an old “Coke sign” caked in dirt reading: “Bon Bon Store, Coca-Cola, Fountain” from one of the many businesses the brothers’ ancestors owned in town.

“Back when I was eight years old I remember that sign hanging outside the first building. That was what you saw coming down the hill. You saw Bon Bons,” the brothers revealed.

Mike then described the piece saying: “The original BonBon sign, porcelain, double-sided, incredible!”

“Next to that is a later version of the BonBon sign, the Dr. Pepper,” he told viewers, as the crew lifted the dusty piece from behind a pile of junk.

The second sign read: “Bon-Bon Confectionary, Dr. Pepper, Crushed Ice.”

“There’s a piece on the bottom that says package beer,” the guys revealed.

“Their father could’ve easily tossed all of this stuff,” Mike claimed, before explaining: “He’s basically got the history of all the family businesses stored underneath this porch.

“Do you guys remember when this sign came down?” the controversial host asked the brothers.

“Mid-’60s,” they guessed while examining the Coke piece.

“These artifacts are the archives of their family’s business,” Mike explained, adding: “It’s incredible that we even have the opportunity to buy it.”

After some deliberation, Mike’s brother Rob exclaimed: “I’m thinking $10,000 on all of it.”

“I’m thinking six here on this,” he said while pointing at the Coke sign, “I’m thinking $500 on that”, he added while pointing at the Dr. Pepper sign, “and I’m thinking $3500 on the Marquis,” he finished while mentioning signs from the local theatre.

“That’s a number I was thinking of too,” the brothers claimed as they shook hands in agreement.

“I was glad we made some deals today with Mike and Robbie. They found a connection to the town. They had a connection to what hard work is in America and how it pays off,” Doug gushed.

“They could relate to our story here. To the little town of Mt. Hope, it was cool.”


Despite providing a happy outcome for Doug and Dean, American Pickers has been the subject of recent backlash after firing long-time host Frank Fritz.

After the Mt. Hope episodes aired, fans rushed to Twitter to slam the show for firing the beloved TV star.

“American Pickers sucks so bad without Frank. So much acting and sucking up,” one ranted.

“Show is garbage without Frank. Mike overpays for everything. Wife is gonna be happy with alimony!” a second complained.

A third person argued: “No Frank, the Bearded Charmer….NO American Pickers….flat. out!”

“American Pickers is not as good since Mike got rid of Frank!” another critic added while a final chimed in: “Where’s Frank been??”

Brothers Doug and Dean found the signs buried underneath a family home


Brothers Doug and Dean found the signs buried underneath a family homeCredit: History Channel
They came from a local soda shop owned by their ancestors


They came from a local soda shop owned by their ancestorsCredit: History Channel
Mike and Rob priced the signs at $10k


Mike and Rob priced the signs at $10kCredit: History Channel
American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and ex took out $74K PPP loan on Nashville store before co-host Frank Fritz was fired


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