Amy Duggar King Talks About Occurences Of Domestic Violence In Hopes Of Spreading Awareness

The mother-of-one is currently in a very happy and full-of-love relationship with her husband Dillon King, with whom she shares son Daxton Ryan, but she wasn’t always this happy.

According to the post shared by the reality star, which features the word “enough” written on the palm of her hand, she was a victim of domestic violence with two previous partners.

Amy recalled being at a New Years’ party with a boyfriend at a millionaire’s house, prior to meeting Dillon, and how he wasn’t telling a story right.

Back in September, she also shared a cryptic message about cutting “toxic family” out of her life.

Not thinking much of it, she proceeded to correct him, which was when he asked to talk to her in private. Once they got into the hallway, away from everyone, he suddenly grabbed her by the neck and pulled her hair.

Amy remembered her head hitting the wall as he warned her not to “make him look bad again.” However, it didn’t end there and when they got home, he broke a vase and threw a ring he had for her into the yard.

The “Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars” alum put an end to the relationship, but she soon found herself with another guy who terrified her to the bone. She said:

“We were watching a movie and randomly he said to me ‘I bet you are thinking about another guy right now’ and I was like ‘umm no.’ And he got up and screamed ‘don’t lie to me!'”

Amy said her boyfriend at the time turned into the Hulk and broke the DVD and his large TV, and started throwing things, as well as raising his fist as if he was going to hit her.

At the time, she thought “enough is enough” and wondered, in her recent post, how nightmarish it would have been if she had tied the knot with that man instead of Dillon.

Amy ended her emotional post by encouraging people to do everything they can to escape abusive relationships, claiming that “abuse starts small and they figure out what they can get away with.”

Back in September, she also shared a cryptic message about cutting “toxic family” out of her life, and it is believed that it was connected to the controversy surrounding Josh Duggar’s problems with the law.


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